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Seeking Parent of Hard of Hearing Children

Meg is seeking other parents in a similar situation:

Hi everyone!  After months of testing, we now know that our 10 month old son is hard of hearing and will require the use of hearing aides.  He has moderate hearing loss and should develop normal communication skills with the use of the aides and early intervention services.  We know there must be other urbanMamas and papas out there who also have a child with hearing aides (whether profoundly deaf or mildly hard of hearing) who would benefit from networking with other parents. Maybe these groups already exist, but we have struggled to find other parents in this situation.  We hope to have a group that would meet regularly to play, discuss childcare, practice sign language, discuss the IFSP process, and have a good time. 


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Hi Meg, I just couldn't let this pass with no comments! I am surprised that his audiologist hasn't got any referrals for this sort of thing- it would seem so important. I think it's great that you are open to using sign with him- especially important during these early times when he's getting used to the aids and language is developing so much. Good for you! I am a sign language interpreter, but I have only recently moved to PDX so I'm not familiar with all the resources yet. I know in Seattle they had a great resorce for parents of deaf or hard of hearing kids- the Hearing, Speech, and Deafness Center had sign classes for parents of toddlers with hearing loss. While the class was going on, the kids all got together and played. It was great! If I hear of any support groups, etc. I'll let you know.


I know your son is too young but you should check out the website for Tucker-Maxon. It is a school is SE portland for hard of hearing children. They provide early intervention through their school to all hard of hearing children under three. I am sure they can also get you in touch with some other parents. I have heard great things about them through our early intervention program. Our son is blind, we have also had a hard time finding support. Good luck. Here is there web page. http://www.tmos.org/


I'm late w/ a comment (as I notice your post was from last April). I'm hoping you've found some great resources for your child. I agree that Tucker-Maxon is a good place to start (in terms of getting info). They have also started doing early intervention, and could provide you with tons of great contacts. I have four children who are all deaf/HOH. If you ever have a question, feel free to contact me through my blog (click on my name).

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