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Searching for Vax-Flex Doc

Somewhat similar to the quest for a doctor who will offer the MMR vaccine in 3 separate shots, can someone recommennd a doctor who would respect a family's decision not to vaccinate?

We just got fired from our pediatrician for refusing to vaccinate our 2 year old.  Can anyone recommend a pediatrician in close-in SE or NE who wii be ok with our choice?


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outrageous! the doctor is required by law to give you all the information available - the decision is always yours! would you consider seeing a naturopathic doctor? i know you will get lots of posts on this one, but i can personally recommend melissa mcfarlane (portland family medicine in ne) and also shannon braden (who is relocated to lake oswego but easy - just right off the highway). shannon was my midwife and melissa is our lovely pinch-hitter! i know you'll get lots of comments on this one - good luck!

the lovely anne vestergaard at broadway medical clinic.

I second Dr. Vestergaard...she is fabulous! My son Max was one of her first patients. I also love that she does not automatically prescribe antibiotics as a "quick fix" to everything.

Her number is 503-249-8787

Let me also say that you do have a choice when it comes to vaccinations. You can take an exemption with the State of Oregon when it comes time for your children to enter school... it is becoming more common every year.

Yes, checking the exemption form on school paperwork is no problem at all. Dr. Monique Pritchard is amazing. She just moved from OHSU to a small clinic is Sellwood. (503.595.9301) She is totally open about vax and only prescribes antibiotics when she thinks there is no natural alternative to try.

Max Tenscher, FNP, at HealthMax in NW Portland is wonderful. He will tell you his view of vacines (he's for them, in general), and will respect whatever you choose.

We see Dr. Sandy Sequeira at East Portland Pediatric Clinic. She is pro-vax, like many docs, but is also respectful of our decision not to vaccinate. To her credit, once we told her that we would not be vaxing our kid neither she nor any other doc we've seen there has ever raised the subject at subsequent visits.

Even when my 4yo had what she strongly suspected was pertussis, she said he might well have gotten it even if he'd been vaccinated (that vaccine isn't too effective).

EPPC has great hours, friendly staff and is relatively convenient (near the Target at Mall 205).

It is hard to get the 3 vaccines seperately, i am a family physician (and mom to a 1 and 3 year old) in SE portland and am happy to give patients vaccines on an alternate schedule but i have looked all over Portland and cannot find the MMR separate. I usually just give it at a separate time and later than other vaccines.

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