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SE Playgroups for kids born 2004-06

Looking for a playgroup in your neighborhood?  I had heard about these playgroups in passing, but we've recently gotten the low-down.  urbanPapa Eric is part of the organizers:

We've got 3 playgroups here in Sellwood/Moreland/Brooklyn, mine for kids born ~'04, Kirstin's for kids born ~'05, and Mary's for those born '06.  We each have different activities, based on the different ages we have, but we also have different styles and approaches to the whole thing.  If you're interested, take a look at my blog which I use to post weekly calendar of activities. I try to stay local and develop community interests.

Please note Eric's comment below -- please contact him at chasingmoose@gmail.com if you would like more information on the playgroups!


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Is there a separate blog for the 05 and 06 babies, or is this for all of them? I didn't see any distinction on the blog. Maybe I missed it?

yeah, what's the dealio?

I checked the archives and it looks like it is slightly mixed in age requirement. Though, it would be nice to find separate blogs for each age group. I am very interested in these playgroup activities but I will have to use some discretion as my daughter is a Dec '05 baby.

AHA, here's the 05 group, there was a link on the blog:


What about the 06 playgroup's link - I waas looking...

Thanks in advance!

I am the organizer of the '04 playgroup in Sellwood and run the blog indicated on the recent posting on urbanmamas. My group and the other two mentioned are local playgroups, designed for community development within the neighborhood. I didn't realize that a posting on Urbanmamas would make our little playgroups as popular as it did! We've been swamped with email requests for membership that we can't handle. If you live in the neighborhood of Sellwood/Moreland and would like to be a part of one of the playgroups here, please email me and I'll either figure out activities that can handle large groups for everyone, or help to organize new playgroups. chasingmoose@gmail.com

thanks for your understanding!

The links to all three playgroups were posted on the UrbanMamas site a little while ago and are still in the archives along with info. about the Sellwood Playgroup Association. (http://urbanmamas.typepad.com//urbanmamas/2007/02/sellwood_playgr.html)

Please note that all three playgroups mentioned are part of the Sellwood Playgroup Association. In order to keep our numbers small enough to meet in each other's houses and to achieve our goal of developing a strong community within our neighborhood, all three groups are for families who live in Sellwood, Eastmoreland, Westmoreland, or Garthwick. If you have a 2004, 2005, or 2006 baby (we hope to start a 2007 group this summer) AND live in one of the aforementioned neighborhoods, feel free to use the links in the archived post listed above to join us! If not, I'm including a few other links to playgroups that do include other areas of SE. We wish all of you well in finding the right group for you! Also, it's easy to start a playgroup for your neighborhood and I think Eric, Mary and I would all agree it's been quite rewarding. I just put up some flyers and set up a yahoogroups site when I was pregnant and less than 2 years later know 50+ families with children born the same year as my 2005 baby in our neighborhood, plus many families from the other two playgroups with kids one year older or younger. If you can't find an already existing group, I encourage you to start one up!

-Kirstin, '05 Sellwood-Moreland Group Coordinator-

If you're in Milwaukie, there is a chapter of Moxie Moms in your area:

There is a group called Clackamas County Moms:

and there are two larger Portland groups for all Portland-Metro areas:

Looking for a playgroup in the SE/Hawthorne area. My son is 4.5 (04 baby) and new to the area. I work but off after 4pm and on Fridays. Would love to seek a playgroup in the area to meet in the park, cafes, museums, etc.

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