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Mother's Day 2007

The years are zipping by, just zippin', zippin', zippin'. This will be my sixth Mother's Day as a mother. I can't believe it. It really is going by so quickly. Our fantastic mama day celebration last year at urbanMamas Day 2006 feels just like yesterday...

The past few years, my Mother's Day has begun sweetly and sleepily. I awaken to the smell of bacon or fried eggs and - of course - fresh coffee. My husband and the girls bring a huge tray of goodies to me, along with a flower and a sweet card. They wake up at the crack of dawn to start my early morning treats, and I just love the love and thought they put into making me breakfast just the way I like.

We mamas sure do work hard, and I make a promise to myself to treat myself to a little break, each Mother's Day. I vow to let everyone else take care of thinking of what to make for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I make few decisions on behalf of the family. I refrain from doing chores. I allow myself to be pampered. I deserve it.

Do you celebrate Mother's Day? For yourself or for your own mother figures? Are there emerging trends or traditions in your family?


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Last mother's day, which was my first, I had a friend take me and my daughter to a local nursery and I picked out a nice flowering bush which my friends then "helped" my daughter buy for me. I planted it that night and it flowered beautifully for the rest of the summer. I think my daughter will "buy" me another bush this year to go next to the one from last year. I remember my family buying a tea rose bush for my mother when I was very small, and it still produces hundreds of beautiful small pink blooms every summer up against the chimney at the bottom of the driveway.

This is also my 6th Mother's Day. My sweet 6 year old walks around the nursery each year and chooses the "perfect" rose bush for me. I love it, every single year he picks the most exceptional plant there and all year I can look at it and remember that he picked it all by himself.

My sister and I go to my mother's house and have a fabulous all-day brunch with mimosas, and sit around talking about family history and all kinds of things, while my stepdad and husband hang out somewhere else with the kids.

This will be my first mother's day as a birth mom (I have two stepsons). I am a full time working mom and hubby is full time stay at home dad. He has settled into the role with gusto and does 99% of the cleaning and 75% of the cooking and shopping (I still try to cover weekends and a weekday here and there to give him a break).

So I'm thinking maybe this Mothers Day HE needs breakfast in bed! :-)

I love the idea of buying a bush! I think I'll send my husband that hint... I've been craving a blueberry plant.

since my extended family has so many mamas, we usually all get together on mother's day. this year will be even more fun as *three* of us are pregnant (in different ways, we'll all have three children; my sister is pregnant with her first 'birth mom' child; my sister-in-law is pregnant with twins, her second and third; and i'm pregnant with one only, my third :) we almost always get plants for my own mother.

we really need to work on our mother's day traditions!

Last year, I was in labor and delivery in Bend with a terrible stomach ache and contractions. I was only 30 weeks at the time. I hope this year is more relaxing! It will be my first mother's day as a mom. I think we are going to visit my mom and grandmas. We will work on traditions this next year.

Every year we've gone on a Mother's day (and Father's day) hike. Our first 6 years ago, when DD was 1 month old we hiked Dog Mountain, the next year Saddle Mountain. Since then we've added 2 more to the clan and our hikes have become less strenuous. Last year we did Opal Creek and LOVED it. This year, maybe somewhere in the gorge or on Mt. Hood. We usually bring friends or family. It's a great tradition and hope to keep it going.

Last year, we drove to Cannon Beach for the day. It was amazing.

Wow. This Mother's Day will be completely different. We are moving to PDX in a week, and I start my new job on Monday 5/14. I hope to get some shopping (alone!) done on Sunday, perhaps a new outfit to wear my first day? Did I mention I am returning to work full-time for the first time since 2001? I have worked part-time since my son (now almost 5) was 8wks old, but I was always self-employed. This will be my first time as the family breadwinner -- kinda cool.

Last year, I gave birth to my son at 11am on mothers day. how exciting!
so this year, we are having his birthday party on mother day.. looks like i am already getting shut out!

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