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Insight on Trillium Preschool

We received recent email asking for your experiences:

I'd like to find out more about Trillium Preschool in North Portland. It'd be great to hear comments or recommendations from parents who's kids are presently enrolled or who plan on attending this fall.


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My daughter attends Trillium, although she's in first grade. We have been very impressed with Trillium. They are a bit 'outside the box' so if you're expecting strict rules, perfect lines of students, and a traditional educational experience, this is not for you. If you want creativity, passion, choice and alternatives to traditional teaching styles, Trillium is there!!! What we love to most is how much the families are involved--parents go on all the fieldtrips, participate in all events, help out and really care about the school. Also, the children learn by doing which is important for my child, who really needs to see how things work, not just read about how things work.

We are thinking of sending our son to the preschool when he is old enough. I have talked to many preschool parents and they all rave about the program. I have yet to find someone who isn't happy with the curriculum or structure of the preschool.

My daughter is currently enrolled and will be attending Trillium in the fall. I am also taking a board position and helping improve the classroom throughout the summer. It has been a year of changes at the school not only with the move but also changes in staff. My daughter was not effected by this at all. She loves school, her friends and teachers. In fact, the "issues" we had with behavior at her old school have never manifested here. Plus, the teachers tell me what a lovely, helpful and balanced child she is (sometimes I wonder if it's the same kiddo!) The staff is very caring and nurturing to those who are having difficulties with transition, behavior what have you. They just started a music program that will continue next year and they are hoping to add a spanish element. We try to have comunity potlucks too. The focus of the school is community based and with a wonderful new permanent teacher in place a board and admin staff, I am confident that next year will be better organized and filled with even more enriching activities. Speaking of which, they do like to take the kids on field trips and to work in the garden. They started a monthly "theme" for the class that is the focus of circle time and the kinds of activites offered. I feel it is a great place for those who aren't looking for rigid structure and who see the value of a community environment plus they are so conveniently located if you live in nopo. I know they are already filling up for next year so get your app in.

My son goes 3 days aweek and will be there next year too. We are very happy, we have a son in 2nd grade there too. I love the overall community and the preschool has maintained its bond with the changes this year. My son is very sad on the mornings he doesn't get to go to school. I feel comfortable at Trillium, I think they let kids be individuals and respect all families. The preschool, though private, is following the community mission of Trillium.

Thank you for all your posts,they are very helpful.Do they have a waiting list at Trillium.My son is three.

Trillium is a public school that nurture;s each child's inherent curiosity, creativity and connection to community. We support divert learning styles and use democratic processes to help student's grow fully as human beings and contribute to and enhance the world.

My 4.5 year old son attends the preschool and although I love the teachers, materials and constructivist approach to learning, I am completely fed up with the constant lice infestation of the entire school! I know that kids get lice and it's common in schools, but it has been constant at Trillium. I don't know if it is parents not taking responsibility to check their kids and deal with it or what, but it is very frustrating (and expensive) and after dealing with it for months I am seriously considering taking my child out of the school : (

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