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Insight on Peninsula Children's Center

Does anyone have experience with Peninsula Children's Center? Sara asks:

I'm considering starting my child at Peninsula Children's Center. It's affordable, diverse, and seems decent for the price. I'd love to hear from anyone who has experience with it. I know that there won't be organic snacks and bunny-petting and other wonderful amenities I've seen at daycares I cannot afford, and I've accepted that. I'd just like to know whether it's worked out for your family, and why.


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I can't speak from personal experience but my neighbor has had her older son there and she really likes it. She's a mindful parent and believes in respectful communication with children and wants her kids to have a safe and fun place to be. She's going to enroll her youngest, who will be 4 in July, there for the fall. What she's told me is that you have to get there hours before the signup time (you have to be there in person to enroll your child on a specific day), and get a number and stand in line. She said there are often subs for the teacher, though that, of course, depends on the teacher. I can ask her to come here and post more details.

The reference to standing in line on a specific day is actually Peninsula Park preschool with teacher Joyce. She is awesome and does have back issues, thus the subs.

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