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Gimmee some non-toxic toys!

Where would you suggest for Kathleen?

I’m new to Portland and am looking for a place to acquire some phthalate free toys for my chewing obsessed 51/2 month old. Can you advise on a children’s store(s) that carries non-toxic toys?


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Here are 3 that'll give you fun shopping experiences:
Grasshopper on NE Alberta (www.grasshopperstore.com/info.html)
SpielWerk Toys on SE 13th (www.spielwerk.net)
Spoiled Rotten on SE Bybee (www.getspoiledrotten.com)

I bought my daughter a teething ring at Babies R Us and was disgusted that it was SCENTED! yuck. So, I let her chew on frozen washcloths and an old wooden spoon. That seemed to work well enough.

Are you familiar with the Haba wooden toys from Germany? http://www.haba.de/index.php?en&area=us

They are usually quite expensive, but this site has a bunch of them at reduced prices. They also have the cute little Haba barettes and jewelry.


If that last link didn't work, just go to www.kidsurplus.com and search for Haba.

I just love Grasshopper on NE Alberta - it is a fun event in itself taking my 13 month old daughter there because there is a nice toy section in the "play area" that gives me a sense of what she likes. The people who work there are always really helpful, they've pointed out lots of cool stuff to me. I love Plan Toys. Another great store is Polliwog on SE Belmont - pricy but very good quality.

Try Mother Nature's on 26th and SE Clinton

Mother Natures carries Haba toys.

I haven't been in, but I've waited for the bus outside Steiner Storehouse on 59th and se Division a dozen times. they have all kinds of wooden waldorf-approved things and they look pretty magical! they have limited hours, though (why I've never been in) -- 9 or 10 to 5 most days.

Spielworks is awesome. It just opened last summer and is full of GREAT wooden toys and alternative games for kids of all ages. They have really cool wind and water powered little wooden boats for example. I've bought lots of safe wooden play things for my 9 month old little girl there, as well as her newborn and 3 year old cousins.

Rich Frog is a great brand of phtalate-free toys. I know that New Seasons carries a few. My daughter is a chewer as well and loved her RIch Frog stuff.

I just stopped in a new store on Lombard to check it out...Grammy & Nonna's Toys

WOW! so close to home, and so many very, very cool, eco-friendly, non-battery-powered, FUN toys for all ages.

Have you been? Please support this local, gramma-owned business!

We went in today as well and had a great time! They have a nice selection of many different lines of toys--some I've heard of (Plan, Melissa & Doug, etc) and plenty that are new to me but look very cool. My son played with the Stomp Rocket the whole time we were in the store--so simple, but so fun! (And gave me a great idea for his birthday coming up next month!) Yes, I agree, please go take a look for yourselves....

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