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Fitness for Mama and Toddler

There's yoga for kids, and there's mama yoga. There's pilates for mommies, and there's tumble and roll.

What about classes, books, or DVDs for both mama and child? Emily asks:

I am wondering if anyone can recommend a fitness class/book/dvd that is for both mama and toddler. I took a few mama and me yoga classes, but now that my 13 mos. old daughter is on the verge of walking I need something that will both engage her and help me get back into shape.


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Well, I see two ads on the left side of this blog - one for "Stroller Strides" and another for "Baby Boot Camp". I haven't checked either one out but both say they are for mom and baby so maybe one would work for you?

coming this summer!

Mama & Baby Bellydancing

Coming this Summer to Zenana Spa and Wellness Center!

Celebrate you and your baby through the beautiful ancient dance. Wear clothes for movement: yoga pants, or long skirt, hip scarf, and top.

Taught by Dulcinea Myers-Newcomb of Gypsy Caravan

Also, there are several mom-baby yoga class options, along with many other exercise and fitness options with high quality, low cost childcare at Zenana Spa!

Class Descriptions
Yoga, Dance and Fitness:

* Prenatal Yoga
* Yoga for You and Baby Too!
* Yoga for Women's Health
* Prenatal Kundalini Yoga
* Baby Itsy Bitsy Yoga
* Tots Itsy Bitsy Yoga
* Periantal Tai Chi and Qi Gong
* MAMAlates!
* MAMAlates! Level 2
* Community Pilates Mat Class
* Belly Dance
* Nourishing the Body and Mind
* Making Peace with Your Body

I HIGHLY recommend Baby Boot Camp with Erin Shirey. Her energy is amazing...I want some of it!

Here is her email..


Good luck!


I agree--Erin rocks! I wish I had known about her classes when my kiddos were much younger!

thanks eveybody for the ideas!

I absolutely LOVE my Stroller Strides classes! My kids (I have 3yr old twins) will actually sit in the stroller for the duration of class and they even try to mimic us mommies with some of our exercises! I wouldn't consider myself "athletic", but these classes have done wonders not only for me physically, but mentally (I love that feeling of satisfaction after a good workout!), and not to mention socially too (they have excellent playgroups and mom's night outs, etc.). Just my two cents; good luck in your search for a good fit for you and your little one!

I have gathered information from the other commenters, too.
Thanks, for my baby and me.

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