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Break-ins, Graffiti and Crime - OH MY!

This is totally off-topic, read at your own peril...

Many of you are good enough to frequent our store - Milagros - and we thank you for that. If you do pay us a visit in the near future,  we hope that you will consider spending some of your hard earned dollars at some of our neighboring businesses. This week has been a hard one for our Fox Chase neighbors.

Early Wednesday morning, the following businesses were broken into: Herbivore, Autentica, The Core Source (home of practitioners Amy Watson and - new mom - Savannah Mayfield), Extracto Coffee House, Hot Lips Pizza, and our local Subway franchise. 

On early Friday AM almost all the businesses on our corner were hit with graffiti. Mostly etching into store glass which is very costly to replace. We were hit and a nice $400 hole in our pocket is coming soon. Blackbird Tattoo, Grolla, Yakuza, Cup and Saucer, and Winston's were also hit. And, yes, Herbivore, The Core Source, and Extracto enjoyed a double-whammy this week - break-ins and graffiti!

We truly LOVE our neighborhood business community. Everyone is hurting but Herbivore and Extracto have been open less than a year, so we know that this is especially hard on them. So PLEASE, if you are in the area, check out our neighbors! Buy coffee at Extracto, get a cool shirt at Herbivore, have Amy do some chiro....maybe get a tattoo?

Anyhoo, thanks for listening. Peace.


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I'm so sorry about the neighborhood disruption. My husband's company lives in one of the offices right across the street from you, and had its window tagged as well (thank goodness no break-in). It's such a lovely neighborhood -- let's hope the jerk(s) get(s) caught.

By the way, I think Extracto has the best latte in Portland, hands down.

My husband goes to Extracto daily. It is close to his work and he loves the latte. I hate to hear tis crime. Is their anything we as a community can do?

That's terrible.

Semi-on topic...I love love love Grolla.

How awful! We are visiting PDX this weekend in advance of relocating and we'll be sure to stop in the neighborhood. Extracto is listed on www.espressomap.com and the other shops look fun too!

that is terrible! i live in the neighborhood and i dearly love extracto and all the businesses on those four corners.

thanks for letting us know. i will make an extra stop at the coffee shop for good measure this week.

You guys are great. We need to get up that way anyway. Hey, thanks for the curry and cookies!

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