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04.27.2007: Sound of Music Sing-Along

The hills are alive!  The Von Trapp family descends on NE Portland as we gather our friends and watch the entirety of the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic, the Sound of Music.  Brush up on those lyrics and don your lederhosen!  What better way to enjoy time together than to sing along to one of the best movies of all time?  Hope you all can join us at this next urbanMamas gathering.  Please RSVP in the comments!  Thank you to Milagros for sponsoring the event.Sound_of_music

a gathering for the urbanMamas community:
Sound of Music Sing Along
Friday, April 27, 2007 at 4:30 PM
Milagros Boutique
5433 NE 30th Avenue, Portland, OR 97211

Even if you don't want to sing along, be sure to drop by and say "hello"!  We promise to have treats!


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Clara sings "I Have Confidence" with the most adorable British accent.

(...and remind me to tell you the story about yelling "Heil Hitler" in the middle of the New Seasons deli. *shudder*)

Wow! This is SO perfect - my girls will love it. We're really looking forward to hanging out with other SOM fans and singing together.

Of course we will be there. Glad you guys could make it happen. You know how my girls LOVE to play SOM with your girls!

barring rush-hour traffic snafus or the server crashing at my (raised in austria, no less!) husband's work, my family o'3 will be there.

i heart sound of music!

Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo! Magda and I are so there!

Count us in!

So I told Clara (age 3.5) that we were going to Milagros to watch SOM with other kids and sing the songs. Here eyes got big as saucers and she just whispered "That is so cool."

Tony, do you guys have the DVD with the option to get the words of the songs in subtitles? If not, email me and I'll bring mine.

I told the girls and immediately one said "I'm Liesl" and the other said "I'm Gretl". To their dad they said, "You be the Captain!" They're thrilled and super excited.

Kat, we'd love if you could bring the DVD with the words of songs. Not sure if either of our versions have the subtitles.

See you all there!

we're going to try and make it after Ruby wakes up from her nap :)

we may not make it through the whole movie, but Aidyn Rose, Tatumn and I will be there to start!

We plan on being there with the whole family - including one very big a-couple-days-shy-of-five-months old boy! Also we will have some complimentary IZZE soda available at the event for the kids (and adults) to enjoy!

I would love to come with my 5 year old who want to be a singer (last time I saw the Sound of Music I was pregnant with him), and my 14 months old wo might not want to stay until the end...

We will be there! 4 or 5 of us, including my 5 yr old who knows most of the words, and my 4 yr old niece who will be a first timer.

OH NO, missed it :( :(.
Can we do it again please?????!!!!!

OH NO, missed it :( :(.
Can we do it again please?????!!!!!

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