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Have you noticed? I love taking photos, and sharing them with y'all. I love taking photos of you, and your adorable children, and (naturally) my adorable children. And I want to see your photos, too!

Long long ago, we started the urbanMamas flickr pool. And, though a few have been added by some of my compatriots, it's mostly populated by me! Can you help make our photo story richer? We'll be developing tags to go with many of our more popular thread (starting with 'urbanChicken') -- if you tag your photo with the appropriate buzzword and add it to the urbanMamas pool, I'll feature selected photos in bi-weekly mosaics so those outside can see how wonderful life is in urbanMamaTown!


Don't know how to upload photos and tag them? You can go to flickr and create an account if you don't already have one (you can log in with your Yahoo! id -- seems like most everyone has one of those!) and then go to the pool and click the link that says "Join this group?" Once you've uploaded photos from your computer (I send 'em straight from the CD I get from the photo place -- I'm a film addict), you can click on one of the photos and click on the little icon above the photo that says "send to group" and pick "urbanmamas." Voila!

Don't forget to add a tag to your photo if you're uploading it for a certain thread -- you can add tags while you're uploading, or even after you've added the photo to the urbanMamas pool. The link to add a tag should be directly to the right of your photo.


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hey Sarah, thanks for the invitation to upload. I would love to have time to do this. And to have time to go to flikr and see what your guys look like these days. does Everett still have short hair?

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