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Tumble and Roll

We all know that a little activity is great for our little ones, many of whom love to tumble and roll. Where do you take your tot to get his tumbe time? Beth is asking:

Does anyone know of a good place for gymnastics for my 3 yr old? We went to a community center class and most of it was waiting in line to do a tumble or walk the balance beam. I'm hoping for north or NE but any suggestions are welcome.


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Check out Do Jump off Hawthorne. I went when I was little and loved it. Lots of circus like gymnastics. A very magical place to take classes or come for the performances.
I am not sure wht age your child has to be but it is worth the wait.

I don't have a straight answer but I did ask a similar question about this time a year ago. The link to answers at the time are here:
He's going to a tumbling class at Sellwood community center. At first he wasn't very engaged with the class but then he felt more comfortable and really enjoyed himself on the equipment.

Good luck finding what your child will enjoy!!

The Children's Gym, in the Hollywood area, at 43rd and Sandy - http://www.childrensgym.com/

I second The Children's Gym.

Not quite a gym but certainly a lot of tumbling - there is a kid's Judo class at Sellwood Community Center. My husband is often one of the instructors (they rotate among the black belts that belong to the Dojo). My 11 year old stepson also helps out there as do some of the other students of the regular Judo classes (they have regular classes, a women-only class, and an advanced belt class as well).

The kids class is open to any child, the only requirement is that they are potty trained. At a certain size/age the child may be asked to start attending the regular class, which is also full of kids (just a bit older).

The kids class is usually more of a tumbling/play class rather than a strict martial arts class. The emphasis is on safe fun and they get to throw the adults around so they feel powerful and learn to love the sport of Judo.

I know my little Bean will love going to this class with her daddy and brother!

I suspect that you were at the same class I attended with my daughter - the second class was better, but still not enough actual tumbling time to suit me! But looking around the area, I don't see any better options for the money. I have heard rumors of indoor parks that have mat rooms, and I've been to the Montavilla community center indoor park, which has a trampoline. My daughter got the best workout of her life jumping on that thing - no class necessary!

On the west side we found Metro Gymnastics. We haven't been yet, but nice to find a place that offers Saturday classes as I'm a full time working mom. We are on the waiting list at this time.

My 3-year-old son has been taking classes at the Children's Gym in Hollywood for several months now and adores it. He had some fear of heights issues previously and the gym classes have completely changed that. He is much more confident physically and the teachers are fantastic in the class.

Check out Rose City Gymnastics just south of Division around 16th Ave. The have classes on weds and Fri for preschoolers!

My 5 year old daughter wants to participate in a track and field sport this spring/summer. Does anyone know of any such club?

We offer a class called Jungle Gym for three-year olds. It is a creative movement class based in the movements of four animals, the monkey, tiger, crane and snake. It is a great way for little ones to build focus, coordination and have fun. Our classes are based in Poekoelan, an Indonesian martial art. For more information, feel free to call us at 503-231-1999.

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