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Seeking Tennis Mamas!

We're all about making connections and bringing mamas together.  Rhonda is seeking other tennis mamas out there:

As the weather gets nicer my thoughts turn to tennis.  I’ve been taking classes with my husband, brushing up on my skills.  I’m at “3.0” says my tennis instructor.  And I want to play. Are there any tennis mamas out there who would like to play over at Laurelhurst or Portland Tennis Center or some other courts?  Maybe if there are enough of us we can do a round-robin childcare/rallying thing.

Email Rhonda at rhon@24hourmama.com.


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Rhonda - I would love to, but to be frank, I suck. My dad always tried to teach me tennis, but it never took... last summer I took tennis lessons and had a blast, but it is still true that I am just not that great. I mean, in my beginning class I was pretty good. But that's about all I can say. Still, I'd love to get out there more!

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