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Seamstress 911

The potential loss of a keepsake?  We hope not.  Let's see if we can help Shari find a trustworthy seamstress.  She writes:

I bought an antique child's blanket before my children were born, and one of my boys has latched onto it as his own. He's four now, and he LOVES this thing, sleeps with it every night. It has been getting worse for the wear. But last night -- the top layer tore right down the middle. Help! I've had seamstress/repair work (hemming, darning holes, etc.) done in town before, but not by anyplace good enough that I'd trust my son's precious baby blanket to them! Can anyone recommend a good seamstress/repair shop, where they do great work?


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i wish i had a referral for you, but i wanted to suggest that instead of finding just a seamstress, you look specifically for a quilter. i used to do tons of sewing and i truly believe that sewing and quilting are two totally different crafts. for the level of quality that you're looking for and for how specific this repair job is, i would start there.

good luck!

Try contacting The Pine Needle, a quilt shop in Lake Oswego. They may have a referral for you. There's also an antique/reproduction quilt shop in Omaha, Nebraska that you could send it to. I know they do repair work. It's kirkcollection.com.

I'd like to recommend my seamstress friend Claudia. She owns Miz Tailor located at 4425 NE Fremont St. Her number is 503) 284-1774. I've recommended her to others who've been very satisfied with her work. She can do most anything. One piece of advice: set a firm deadline for your pickup.

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