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Quick! Make a bed!

We have a mama in need!  Cheryl's expecting a slew of visitors and needs to accommodate them with some extra sleeping space.  Here is her plight:

We have some unexpected out-of-town guests coming to stay with us next week and we are short on accommodations. To save them from camping out on our floor, we'd like to put a sleeper sofa in our playroom, but don't want to invest in a new one, and as we need it ASAP, we don't have time to go the craigslist route. Can anyone recommend a second-hand furniture shop that has a decent selection and good quality items?  Thanks for your help (and our guest's backs thank you as well).


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I've never slept on a sleeper sofa that was comfortable. We use air mattresses when we need extra sleeping surfaces...as long as they don't leak, they work pretty well. For my mom, who can't get down on the floor like she used to, we got one on legs so it's regular bed height. I've also slept on some decent futons that were pretty comfy.

I'm afraid it's not going to help for this, 'cos it's not second-hand, available immediately, or cheap, but I want to put in a plug for the sleeper sofas at Kitchen Kaboodle by American Upholstery. (http://www.aufurniture.com/)

We ordered one this fall in anticipation of having houseguests over the holidays, and it's perfect. It is the ONLY comfortable sleeper sofa I've ever slept on (had to try it out before subjecting our guests to it!) and it's gotten rave reviews from all our guests too.

It was certainly more expensive than we hoped to spend on a sleeper, but it was essentially custom made for us (you get to choose your fabric) and we had a size constraint, both in the room we planned to put it in, and a tight corner/hallway to get it through - it's the narrowest queen sleeper on the market and it comes completely apart so getting it around the corner was no problem.

Had we not been wanting a more "finished" look in my husband's ofice, we probably would have gotten a futon from Rock Soft Futons on Hawthorne. If you can't find what you need second-hand, check them out.

we have an aero bed that is comfortable and it packs up into a bag when you're not using it.

I noticed yesterday the Fred Meyer's on Hawthorne had some inflatable aerobeds on clearance. They were the raised kind (meaning they don't sit on the ground but have some sort of box spring like thing). The queen size was about $100. Hurry though, I know the clearance goes fast. They were upstairs by the elevator.

Boy, we've had a hard time finding "gently used" sofas of any sort, let alone sleeper sofas. I also think air mattresses are your best route.

We have a king-size aerobed that we use to sleep in the basement in the summer when it is hot -- love it! Super comfy, stays inflated and the whole family can crash there together and make the somewhat dingy like a slumber party for our 4-yr-old. Cheaper than air-conditioning, too.

Most big secondhand stores won't accept sleeper sofa donations (they are too damn heavy! and probably don't sell well) as we found out the hard way. I second or third the inflatable (ours in an Aero) bed solution.

i second (or sixth?) the aero bed option. they inflate super fast, stay inflated and are conveniently stored. :-) also, if you have one, you can take it along for camping without taking up a a bunch of room!

Seventh-ing the aerobed option. I have also never slept on a sofa bed that was comfortable.

Also recommending an air mattress. We got ours at Costco a few years ago, and I don't think it's the aerobed brand, but whatever it is, it's WAY more comfortable than any sofa bed or futon I've ever slept on. We actually take it with us whenever we travel out of town, and sleep on people's floors on it all the time (even with baby between us). It is really comfortable, and I believe it was around $40-$50 at Costco. Try there.

Totally agree on the aerobed! Target has them ... we have both a single AND a double size, if you throw down a thick blanker or comforter under the fitted sheet, it makes them even more cozy. If you're not familiar with these, the aerobed brand is much nicer than some cheaper versions - rather firm, and thicker than a camping air pad. And you can toss it in the basement when you're done, bring it on a plane if your host doesn't have a spare bed, etc. (My friend even brought her camping when she was 7 months pregnant!)

aerobeds are great. another option would be a futon and convertible frame (folds into a couch, opens to a bed). This is a fairly inexpensive option and everything would be new and also available right-now. we had a good experience with cotton cloud futons.

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