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Pilates - Evening Classes?

Aaah, the curse of the post-partum squishy tummy.  I'm sure you all know it so well.  Kate's looking for a Pilate's class that will help return her back to pre-baby form.  Any suggestions?

I am on the look out for recommendations for some good Pilate's classes pref. in the evenings since I usually work during the days.  Most of the classes I have been able to find seem to be in the mornings on weekdays.  Gotta' work on the ol' belly....Know of any good evening classes out there (preferably on the east side of town)?


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Check out Portlandparks.org, they havea zillion pilates classes for CHEAP! They are also on the east side with a variety of hours, otherwise, Zenana has some but they are a little pricier

Aisha's right--Dishman's got a good evening schedule for cheap.

I am in the same dilema. I have 3 children, my youngest 18 months is not happy when left with a stranger, so daytime classes don't work. I emailed Wendy with http://www.mamalates.com who teaches at Zenana. She does not have any evening classes. But she did refer me to an evening Yoga class coming to Zenana that her friend Camille teaches- "she is awesome." She also has another friend who owns a studio on SE, 8th Morrison and I think there are some night time classes there http://www.bodywisestudio.net. On my own I found a pilates evening class with Heidi Weiss with http://www.pdxpilates.com. her location is SE 2nd and taylor I believe. I plan on going tonight. Good luck!

I forgot to say that most postpartum bellys shouldn't do just any pilates. There is a strong chance of actually doing more damage to the separation of the abdominal muscles (diastasis) and you need to be careful not to make that worse. There is a fabulous book called Lose your Mummy Tummy by Julie Tupler, RN that I would highly recommend.

I teach evening Pilates classes but I am out west in Hillsboro. Wherever you go, make sure your instructor is qualified...a minimum of 600 hours of training!

I've been a dancer for years and turned to pilates in the recent months. The very best pilates instructor I've had is Pam at 24-Hour Fitness. She teaches on Tuesday evenings 7:45-8:45 at the Hollywood 24-Hour, and I'm not sure if there are other evening pilates classes she teaches.

She is absolutely fantastic at getting to the "core."

I've been a dancer for years and turned to pilates in the recent months. The very best pilates instructor I've had is Pam at 24-Hour Fitness. She teaches on Tuesday evenings 7:45-8:45 at the Hollywood 24-Hour, and I'm not sure if there are other evening pilates classes she teaches.

She is absolutely fantastic at getting to the "core."

I teach a Pilates class at 6 pm on Mondays at Portland Pilates Collective (SE 2nd and Taylor). It's very reasonably priced ($55 for 8 classes) and a great post-partum workout! And yes, I my training was 600+ hours. We are also about to start a prenatal evening class and another evening mat, so drop us a line at http://www.pdxpilates.com if you are interested.

Before having my son I was a regular at Imago Dei on SE 13th in Sellwood. I haven't made the time to go but they did offer evening classes, the instructors were fabulous and all were very well trained. Check them out. Something I have been meaning to get back into. :-)

I have been taking Pilates at Pacific Northwest Pilates for 3 years and LOVE them. They are all Stott certified and take what they do very seriously. They will not injure you- they pay close attention to body positioning. Tracie is my favorite, but all the instructors are very good. They have morning and evening classes.


My husband and I live in SE Portland and we were so excited to see Pilates of Portland open on 92nd and Foster. We have been going for a month now but here is the real excitement they have a great child care space and an amazing woman who comes in to watch the kids. The child care space has great toys, books and videos (if parent approved). Pilates of Portland offers mat classes and the reformer classes. At 5:15pm for beginner or 6:30pm for level 2. Best of luck.

Here is the website for the above post.

I've been going to reform pilates www.reformpilatespdx.com on 34th for 5 months and love the equipment and the mat classes. No childcare, though.

Just checked out the place mentioned above--www.reformpilatespdx.com is it really $200 for five classes or 1 for $75??? Seems a bit costly, am I missing something?

My name is Nikki, my mother and I opened Pilates of Portland in SE Portland this past January. We are both STOTT Pilates certified instructors. We offer evening classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and best of all we have a children's play room with a wonderful care provider. The planning of our classes and studio space was centered around the needs of the little ones as I have a 24 month old son that comes to work with me. Mat classes are $10/class and Reformer classes are $15/class. You are welcome to email at pilatesofportland@gmail.com or call me if you'd like more detailed information:)

I teach at reFORM Pilates and we offer a very strong pre and post natal program. We have taken many many women through pregnancies and beyond. We all have more than 600 hours of study with a combined 25 years of teaching experience. Both Teresa and Jessica have had babies and done Pilates pre and post natal themselves. Check out the pre natal/postpartum section of the website in which we were featured on KOIN news 6. The Intro package is $200 for 5 PRIVATE lessons-important so that you know you are doing exercises correctly.Mat classes are included at no extra cost with any package. Group sessions or duo/trio sessions are significantly cheaper and can be done after the intro package. Check it out....www.reformpilatespdx.com

Oh- and BTW reFORM has Evening classes--Tuesday and Thursday Pilates mat classes 6:30 pm and morning mat classes Wed and Sunday at 9am. Unlimited monthly pass is $90. There are other options as well....but there is definitely a difference between the mat work and equipment work.

Just FYI, Wendy Foster just released a mamalates DVD/home workout kit that includes a resistance band and ball, so you can do mamalates at home and don't need to line up a sitter. It's available for purchase through her web site for $35: http://www.mamalates.com/products.html

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