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Pediatric Dentist

Sara needs your help:

I'm looking for recommendations for a good pediatric dentist, preferably in downtown or NE, who doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Any advice would be very welcome, as my 2-year-old  just knocked out a front tooth, so we have to get to a dentist a little sooner than we'd planned!


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We really like Krista Badger, in NE - my daughter was very nervous about the dentist due to some early work, and her hygienists were great at getting her cooperation during the appointment.

Krista V. Badger
1535 Northeast 41st Ave
Ph: (503) 288-5891

we love dr. royce on SW 10th. both of my girls were very comfortable with him, and i liked his no pressure approach to our visits.

I highly recommend Dr. Pike and his team in NW. We tried two others in town before finding the perfect fit.


You might want to look here also:




There were a lot of recomendations. Based on all of that, I went with Dr. Pike and everyone enjoyed our one visit so far.

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I recommend Dr. Noel Larson with Pediatric Dentistry. My daughter had several horrible experiences with several differenct dentist when she was three years old. Her fears disappeared the moment we first stepped into Prediatric Dentistry. They bill most insurances and give discounts to private pay. Two locations. Dental issues that we were told needed to done in the hospital were easily taken care of in the office.

We saw Dr. Royce twice and didn't like him at all. He was very authoritarian, told us he has good results with threatening to have parents leave the room if kids won't behave, and when he told us that he might have to "use his Daddy voice" to keep our (not particularly hyper) 4yo in line, we were out of there.

We just started with Krista Badger, and she seems very nice and down to earth.

I think these are the two previous posts that Betsy was referring to:

A Visit to the Dentist

SW Dentist Recommendations

we love, love krista badger! she's so sweet and gentle and she and her staff are more than happy to take their time with the little ones. she's also really easy to get into.

our oldest was 20 months when we went for the first time and the staff was more than happy to let her wander the halls and check out all of the nooks and crannies in the place. it really helped her to be more comfortable.

they have a great, kid-friendly waiting area too!

Another cheer for Dr. Pike! Yes he is in SW but I live in North Pdx and I would even drive further for him and his staff!

Dr Badger! By 2 year old had a blast, in the waiting room and when it was his turn, Dr. Badger was so kind and explained everything on his level. And since our son was not quite yet added to our dental insurance, we paid out of pocket and it was not that bad at all. They are all so sweet, and very professional. We go again next week.

Since your son knocked out his tooth, call the doctors and ask how they handle knocked out teeth. Our daughter knocked out both of her front teeth when she was 1yr and we just went to the first available dentist that our insurance covered. not a good experience. We are still trying to cope with dental fears and have resorted to a dentist in Tualatin (sp). We didn't go with Dr. Pike or Royce due to our daughter being very uncomfortable with them. I really feel it depends on the child. My oldest and youngest like both dentists, but then they didn't have a bad experience at the dentist. We found most dentists are wonderful and understanding that your child may not be a match with them. It took us about a year to find the right match for our daughter and our other two children are happy at any office that will let them play with the water and suction device. lol

Our twins just had their first dental visit with Dr. Royce. He made a good impression on us, but our guys are <2yo and pretty outgoing.

I too cannot recommend Dr. Pike highly enough. We went to a dentist in NE Portland near Fred Meyer who wanted to take my son to the back room (parents weren't allowed), put him in the "rainbow jacket" and basically drill and fill. Dr. Pike gave us tips on better dental hygiene and we didn't have to drill anything. My son LOVES to go to the dentist, likes to play "dentist" at home and has even said he wants to be a dentist when he grows up!

I knew I'd find good advice here. My husband just got back from our son's first dentist appt, they went to see Dr. Hsu at The Shoebox in Hillsboro (we are in St Johns. OMG don't go to this man. Even his staff was talking bad about him to each other. Our son has the startings of cavaties on his front teeth. His only option to us was to knock our 2 1/2 year old out for 1 1/2 and pull them. No other options were given.
We will be seeking a second opinion.

I second the recommendation for Dr Noel Larsen at Pediatric Dentistry (2824 NE Wasco, at the west end of the Hollywood Fred Meyer parking lot). She is lovely and Matt the hygenist is so great that my fearful, 3-yr-old girl exclaimed "This is fun!" in the middle of having her teeth cleaned. We make our appointments for the days Matt is there!

Does anyone know of a holistic pediatric dentist around Portland? I am looking for minimal X-rays and mercury-free environment for my soon to be 6 year old. Thank you!

There will be a green certified mercury free pediatric dental office opening in Sellwood in late June. The dentist, Dr. Cynthia Pelley was a pediatric ICU nurse for 10 years before becoming a pediatric dentist. She also has experience with special needs children.

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Great dentist that is outstanding with the kids is Dr. Cynthia Pelley in Sellwood. She has a fun office and she is great! If you have kiddo's check her out.

I take my kids to Dr. Pelley in Sellwood. She is great. The Staff is great and she has a fun loving office. My kids use to hate the dentist and now they LOVE IT!

We also like:

Krista V. Badger
1535 Northeast 41st Ave
Ph: (503) 288-5891

Nicely said. I like your way of writing. Will certainly visit your site more often now.
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What are the alternatives to nitrous oxide?

I changed my son (now 5.5)from Dr. Pike to Dr. Pelley. We really liked both dentists, however I have issues with both. Maybe I'm being unreasonable?

Dr. Pike (senior) is great but he really pushed fluoride. I mean several times a day + fluoride treatments in office. Kinda freaked me out so we looked elsewhere for a more holistic approach.

Enter Dr. Pelley.

Again, we really like Dr. Pelley. She is also great with kids and extremely thorough. She uses nitrous oxide for cavities.

My son needs a lot of work. He has many cavities and even requires a kiddy root canal. So much for fluoride and diet. We missed the education about flossing (all his are between the teeth) and early wiping and brushing as soon as teeth appear.

In any case for all this Dr. Pelley uses nitrous oxide. My son vomited several times after his last appointment. He's never been one to vomit - even as a baby spit up.

I'm at a lose. Any suggestions?


You may want to try Dr. Blodgett--twin brothers, one is SE and one in Beaverton--they both use lasers, so for many procedures, no novacaine, etc.

I switched due to price issues, but they now accept some dental plans. My oldest son went through implants--he was born with two teeth missing--at eighteen, without anesthesia and they are beautiful. My six-year-old also goes to him, but my three-year-old sees Dr. Pike for various reasons.

Still, maybe using a laser/water drill will get you out of the nitrous problem.

Great post, some very interesting points to think about.


We drive all the way from Vancouver, Wa so that our kids can have Dr. Pike as their dentist.
The one child, over the years, has had several, early caught, cavities that have been filled without any anesthetic (and that includes laughing gas, I mean nothing) and I think that speaks volumes about the confidence held in Dr. Pike. Also, Dr. Pike gives a discount for prepaid accounts (check with the office for details) and that is helpful. Sounds like there are lots of choices for pediatric dentists in the area, but we love Dr. A. Pike !

We love Dr. Badger. If I had her as a child, I wouldn't be as scared of the dentist as I am now at 32. Liam is just over 2 and loved all the prizes she gives.

Krista V. Badger
1535 Northeast 41st Ave
Ph: (503) 288-5891

We just switched pediatric dentists, and my 5 y-o son and I decided to visit 2 for a tour/meet-n-greet and choose 1 of them together. Dr. Badger was very nice, and her dental assistant was awesome tho a bit overwhelmingly enthusiastic for our tastes. However, the office was so busy and the physical setup so crowded that I didn't like it.

Enter Dr. Pelley in Sellwood. Beautiful and spacious, open office, top-notch new equipment. Friendly front office staff, gentle hygienist that slowly and carefully answered all my boy's many, many questions. Dr. Pelley was exactly the right speed for us, and I learned a lot just from being there and listening. Everything was calm, orderly, and friendly. As a medical professional, I also happen to like that she is not only a board-certified pediatric dentist, but she was a pediatric critical care nurse in her previous profession. That's the person I want sedating my kid, if needed, for a dental procedure.

Try Dr. Pelley! Also has a really relaxing and fun waiting room with a saltwater tank of fish and invertebrates--calming for parents.

Sorry, a correction. The dentist who was quite nice but we did not choose wwas Dr. Noel Larson, not Dr. Badger. Getting my female NE Hollywood district pediatric dentists confused. : )

Regarding Dr. Pelley...the above reviews sound like advertising, and bear no actual resemblance to reality. Dr. Pelley is a neurotic mess, and I seriously question her judgement. I can strongly recommend against going to see her. Aside from seeming emotionally unbalanced and overly alarmist, she'll squeeze every cent out of you she can get up front, and will not proceed until you pay. There's no room to work out payment arrangements, and her office staff is very strange. Seriously, I can not warn people off this office enough.

After using Dr. Pike for years we stopped going there after he yelled across the room at my 2 year old who let out a little yelp when the hygenist pinched her lip. He started yelling about NO CRYING IN HERE, HER APPOINTMENT IS OVER, GET HER OUT OF HERE. It was seriously one little yelp and she was calm before he even started yelling. We had to beg and plead to stay (took the day off work/daycare and drove across town). 2 year old (closer to 3) cooperated with the rest of the visit then said she never wanted to go back. This was the third time we had arrived to find that we were scheduled with a different dentist than we were expecting. It was all too fakey for us.

We've tried Dr. Badger since and like it better. They still focus a lot on the "prizes" that the kids get after each step of cleaning/exam but hey, whatever works, right? We'll probably stick with her. She's a lot more authentic to us.

I agree with the comment about Dr. Pelley. It didn't seem organized at all. I will not be taking my two kids back. She seemed very narcissistic. Not confident! My friend goes to Dr. Badger and really likes her.

BC Dental Care is a dental office with a kid-friendly environment. Their staff are great at making kids feel comfortable.

Dr. Pelley of Little Smiles is not someone to be trusted. She was all ready to put my child under in her office via IV Sedation, despite the fact that he has enlarged tonsils, a detail that could be seriously and unnecessarily life-threatening. When we took our son to OHSU dental school, one of the head professors said that they would never ever put a child with enlarged tonsils under, even in a hospital. I am grateful that we followed our intuition and cancelled our appointment with Dr. Pelley.
She had tried to fill one of my son's cavities previously with just nitrous but put the overhead movie on without starting from the beginning. My son was perfectly fine with everything until the
movie ended in the middle of the procedure. This made him very confused and I asked her to put the movie back on so he could focus on something. She stopped the entire procedure and refused to go any further because she read his squirming as fear, completely disregarding the fact that I know my son was just high on nitrous (hello!) and without his movie suddenly.
Between this serious medical oversight, her disrespect for my maternal intuition, and the financial swindling that occurred (including a fee for a procedure that she didn't perform), I feel it is my duty to inform all the mothers of Portland.

Dr. David Cavano is awesome! We too, tried Dr. Pike (sr). My daughter had a great experience with him, however, his son will be taking over the practice and little Pike is AWFUL with absolutely NO bedside manner. Also, if you specifically ask the staff if little Pike is a certified PEDIATRIC dentist -- the answer is NO! he's a General Dentist!

Dr. Cavano and his staff are so pleasant! My children LOVE going to the dentist now! He's located off the sylvan exit on hwy 26

I am writing to announce the opening of a new pediatric dental practice in SE Portland. Sprout Pediatric Dentistry and Dr. Jenna Milot are now taking young patients!

Sprout is a small pediatric dental practice located at 1401 SE Morrison St. The family-centered approach at Sprout Pediatric Dentistry promotes prevention and education with the hope of minimizing the need for extensive restorative dental work. Dr. Jenna Milot, a mother of two, is always available to LISTEN and to DISCUSS your concerns and to always ANSWER your questions. Her ultimate goal is to provide the most kind and gentle dental care grounded in up-to-date, evidence-based information. You will never be surprised, but always informed.

To make an appointment or to simply ask questions, please contact Dr. Jenna Milot and the Sprout Pediatric Dentistry staff at:

Dr Jodi Morash at Macadem Dental on SW Macadem is wonderful. My daughter loves it although she gets some pretty major stuff done. She doesn't push flouride and her staff is great. Highly recommended.

We really like Marshall Ruby. He has seen my kids for years and we've been pleased. My daughter needed some extractions before getting her braces and I was surprised how relatively painless and stress-free his staff was able to make the experience for her. I also like that when the dental sealant controversy came out his office assured everyone that they had never used sealants with BPA and he also is very careful about flouride. It is a small, clean, well run place with a friendly, child centric environment.

We LOVE Dr. Krista Badger and her NEW associate DR. Sheena. Dr. Sheena is WONDERFUL just like Dr. Badger. Dr. Sheena is patient, kind and makes my children excited about coming to the dentist. She also teaches at the dental school and is very involved with the pediatric dental society. Dr. Badger and Dr. Sheena are the BEST dentists in NE Portland. Their staff is so wonderful and makes us look forward to our next visit. Thanks for making our childrens dental visits so much fun!!

Introducing Hi 5 Dental: Dentistry for Kids!

At Hi 5 Dental we have over 100 years of combined experience working with children. Our fun and child friendly office is conveniently located close to the streets of Tanasbourne off of 185th and T.V. Hwy. Dr. Pham treats every child as an individual and will take as much time as you need to answer all of your questions and concerns. He has a very conservative and gentle approach. Dr. Pham will always present different options to our families and as a team we will decide how to proceed.

Dr. Hai Pham is a pediatric dentist. He is an Oregon Native and has been locally trained at Oregon Health & Science University. He has hospital privileges at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, Emanuel Children’s Hospital and St. Vincent Hospital. Dr. Pham is also an Associate Professor at Oregon Health & Science University.
We accept most insurance so please call for more details. We look forward to meeting you!


Hai T. Pham DMD
18325 SW Alexander St. Suite # 2
Aloha, OR 97006
Office: 503-642-1535
Fax: 503-649-2286

I took my four-year old daughter to Dr. Jenna Milot at Sprout Pediatric Dentistry-14th and SE Morrison. Since then, I have been recommending Dr. Jenna [and her staff] to every parent that I know! Everyone there is so patient and welcoming, and the entire visit is guided by the child and the parent/s.

Dr. Jenna asked some questions during our initial visit and made some recommendations for ways to improve our daughter's oral care. Her office is very kid-centered, without being distracting-it's the perfect mix of movies, prizes, toys, and discussion. She really got to know my daughter and let her set the pace during our visit.

We did end up needing to make some follow-up appointments to have a few cavities filled. Jenna took the time to review the x-rays with me, explain the causes, thoroughly discuss the treatment options, and recommend ways to avoid problems in the future. Again, Dr. Jenna and her staff made these follow-up visits extremely comfortable and welcoming for us. My daughter was able to make lots of choices and I was at ease, knowing that only the necessary measures were being taken and that I was being asked for my opinion throughout the visits.

Dr. Jenna called to check in on my daughter each evening after the treatment appointments! Jenna really cares about her patients and it's evident!

My daughter looks forward to going back (!), even after her follow-up treatment visits. We both have had only great experiences with Sprout Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Jenna, and her staff. We know we're in the best hands!

I would recommend using google places to know the dentist that is within your defined area. You can also check reviews from other people about the clinic.

I am about to take my 2 year old to Dr. Jenna Milot of Sprout Pediatric Dentistry. Has anyone used her? Any thoughts to share?

Before going to any dentist recommended by other people you should double check if he or she has a well named clinic and certified professional. Preferring cheap services can do harm to your child so better be careful.

I highly NOT recommend Pediatric Dentistry. We just had an awful experience with them not really making any effort on accommodating our kid about x-ray or anything. Then we decided to change to Sprout on SE and it was such a different experience. We all love Sprout and makes our 5 years old much more happy when visiting the dentist.

I don't know if she's still alive or not but never take your child to a dentist named Evelyn Strange. She was the meanest dentist. Believed in pracatically straight jacketing the child, keeping their head in a side to side like vice, and their mouth open for long periods of time with bridges. She was impatient, rude, yelled, threatened. She tried to tell me this is the only way to deal with chidlren when taking them to the dentist. I should of sued her.

Northeast Family Dental is a great atmosphere for little ones if you live in the Hollywood District, or Laurelhurst, Alameda, and Irvington. Dr. Worthington is really good at getting down on the kids level and speaking in kid-friendly language so the kiddos relax. I highly recommend him!

I took one of my children to see Dr. Richardson. He was very relaxed and easy going when discussing dental needs of my son. My daughter was with me and she was also having a blast hanging out with the extra toys that the dental assistant brought for her. I highly recommend Dr. Richardson and his dental office for kids and family. One thing that I truly appreciated was not feeling rushed. So often when I go to any medical visits I feel like everyone is in a big hurry. He is at Green Apple Dental in bridgeport village shopping mall.

I took one of my children to see Dr. Richardson. He was very relaxed and easy going when discussing dental needs of my son. My daughter was with me and she was also having a blast hanging out with the extra toys that the dental assistant brought for her. I highly recommend Dr. Richardson and his dental office for kids and family. One thing that I truly appreciated was not feeling rushed. So often when I go to any medical visits I feel like everyone is in a big hurry. He is at Green Apple Dental in bridgeport village shopping mall.

I took one of my children to see Dr. Richardson. He was very relaxed and easy going when discussing dental needs of my son. My daughter was with me and she was also having a blast hanging out with the extra toys that the dental assistant brought for her. I highly recommend Dr. Richardson and his dental office for kids and family. One thing that I truly appreciated was not feeling rushed. So often when I go to any medical visits I feel like everyone is in a big hurry. He is at Green Apple Dental in bridgeport village shopping mall.

The Kids' Dentist is the dentist office your kids are excited to visit! Our staff strives to create a fun, welcoming environment so kids aren't afraid of the dentist, allowing them to get started on a lifetime of strong dental health.

Our office specializes in dentistry for infants, children, and adolescents. For over 10 years, We have been serving the Portland Metro area with preventative, restorative, sleep and hospital dentistry using the latest technology. When you visit our state of the art office, you will always find an environment that brings about smiles and radiates a friendly tone. With TVs and video games available while your child is getting treatment, he won't mind that he's at the dentist.

We provide the highest standard of care possible for children and teenagers. We listen to our patients and always look at the many options available to solve dental problems. Oh by the way, parents are welcome to accompany their children around here. Trust is one of the most important factors in successful dental visits! Please contact us if you have any questions.

The Kids' Dentist, PC - Dana Anthony Yip, DDS, MS
West Linn

This is so helpful! Being a mom, I always want the best for my kids! I have been going to a childrens dentist in honolulu hi and they are so great! My kids love going to the dentist now!

Dr. Strange. My goodness I can't believe the name is still around. As an adult I have extreme anxiety after my childhood experience as her patient. It's been 28 years!

Well, after reading this I have some stronger ideas about what to look for in a dentist, especially a children's dentist. Radiation safety is a real issue, and dentists who are using fast film or especially digital X-rays really cut down on the amount of radiation they deliver, and this is what the American Dental Association now recommends. I know my dentist uses digital imaging, but I don't want to sound like an ad for him. So maybe just read this article; they have some good recommendations for what to ask: http://www.straight.com/life/409161/studies-link-dental-x-rays-brain-tumours-thyroid-cancer-and-low-birth-weight

We just moved and I need to start looking for a pediatric dentist in Colorado Springs. I know everyone has a fear of the dentist but my kids are extra scaredy cats (they get it from their mom). This is really good advice, thanks for sharing. http://www.mylastingimpressionsdental.com/

Has anybody taken their children to the OHSU Dental School? I've only been able to find one review online. The review highly recommended it but that person was an adult. She said that the work and professionalism was top notch but that each appointment does take a long time. They do see children but how can they expect children to sit still that long? Do they have all the bells and whistles for kids: stickers, toys, movies, etc?

My family just moved to Portland in February. Our options for health and dental insurance was limited so I signed them up for Oregon's Healthy Kids (OHP). I've had the hardest time finding a good pediatric dentist for them through this program. Most are closed to new patients and those that are taking new patients have TERRIBLE reviews online. Kids being strapped down, parents kept away from their children during the exam, procedure or techniques used on children without parent consent, etc.

I've read all the information I can get my hands on about Portland peds dentists. Of course those with the best reviews (Dr. Yip, Dr. Badger) aren't contracted with OHP. Why can't my children see the best dentists too? Their teeth are just as important regardless of how much money we have.

I do NOT recommend Dr. Milot and staff at Sprout Pediatric Dentistry. The dental hygenist was very condescending; after finding dental caries on my 2 year olds teeth, Dr. Milot was visibly hiding her anger and treating my husband and I as if we were abusing our daughter, she asked us in an accusatory tone where my daughter got the bruise on her cheek--she's a very active toddler! They pushed flouride heavily and because I was feeling so much shame and fear, I agreed even though I am knowledgeable of the research of Dr. Weston Price. The office manager told me that the flouride treatment was not covered by our insurance and required us to pay out of pocket; awhile later I received a check in the mail for the same amount with no note or apology for overcharging me--disorganized and unprofessional!

if you are in search of a good dentist than try to search it on google maps and it will show you highest rank dentist around you.

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