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On the Road: Breastfeeding-Friendly

I'm in Philadelphia for the week. I went to dinner yesterday, and a sticker on the door stopped me in my tracks. Bfwh_logojpg "Breastfeeding Welcome Here!" it read. I smiled and felt proud to be supporter of this business. I felt like breastfeeding mamas were being welcomed with open arms, hugs, and kisses, ushered right into this little restaurant. It's amazing what a feeling a sticker can impart.

In Portland, the image is a little different, but the sentiment is the same.
Lnkbflogosm The State Department of Health has a department committed to promoting breastfeeding in the workplace. Other great resources incldue the Nursing Mothers Council of Oregon and Washington and La Leche League of Oregon.

Props to those businesses out there who support breastfeeding mamas. Feel free to give a shout-out if you're a Portland business that actively welcomes nursing mamas like us!


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