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Westside Montessori Recommendations

Sarah's seeking advice on Montessori schools on the west side.  Can you help?

I'm researching preschools for my 3 year old daughter who we'll be enrolling for school in fall of '07.  Does anyone have any experience or knowledge they can share about Two Rivers Montessori, West Hills Montessori, West Hills Learning Center or Sunny Hill Preschool? There are so many options, and I'm planning to visit each of these, but I'd love to hear from any mamas who have first-hand experience.


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I've heard good things about Two Rivers but have no personal experience there. The rest I'm completely unfamiliar with. My son went to Child's View Montessori on Taylor's Ferry/48th -- and we were very happy with the school.

My son went to Two Rivers and he had a great experience as did I.

The only westside Montessori school we visited was Child's View. It really felt like a great school. I loved the atmosphere and the teachers. We ended up at Providence Montessori (in the NE) because we ended up finding a house in the NE. But, I was very, very torn because I liked Child's View so much.

When I was touring elementary schools last year, I met parents of children who went to Two Rivers. Although I have no personal experiences there, I gathered from them that they loved the school.

I have had one child that has gone thru West Hills Montessori and one that is still there. We have all had an amazing experience and I would highly reccomend the school.

my daughter goes to west hills and it's a wonderful school. we also looked at two rivers and child's view but i chose west hills for its campus. it's very large and very green. it also has a large covered play area and the entire area i gated with a security code. they have gardening and baking and music programs. we've been thrilled. but the good news is, you can't really pick a bad one...they are all good places.

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