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We shoud all be as lucky as, Anne.  She's palnning a kid-free outing and needs some referrals for Seattle-area shops.  She writes:

I'm planning my first all-by-myself get-away from my kids (4) and (2). I've been to Seattle before but this time I'm looking to do a little shopping. I'm looking for Hip Momma clothing especially, but also any other cool, out-of-the-way out-of-the-ordinary type shops. (i.e. not Pike Place Market which I love, but I'm trying to branch out.) Anyone out there with suggestions?


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I am not very familiar with the Seattle shopping scene but maybe try looking on Lucky Magazines website...they have city shopping guides. Have fun!

It's been a few years since I've been to Seattle, but I like the Fremont area. (I think thats what its called, anyway) Lots of great shops. I'd check out citysearch Seattle. Have fun.

we love going to west seattle's alki beach area. there are some great shops, a sweet view of downtown, and beach access.

btw, there's a shop called "retroactive kids" in that area w/ funky-punky kids' and mom clothes. Laska, one of their artists, also sells clothes at LilyToad...all of her stuff is completely recycled and vintage.

belltown is great, too, and convenient to everywhere downtown; you can do the market afterward! i haven't been in a few years, so i don't have a specific shop to refer you to, but the whole neighborhood is thoroughly hip.

I am from Seattle and I can recommend the Ballard neighborhood - specifically the shops: Olivine, Clover, and another one that's across the street from Starbucks. They also have a new shoe store there. It's a great, trendy area that's a short bus ride from downtown. Don't forget to check out the Ballard Locks for their gardens and salmon ladder and either Oaxaca or Thaiku for food. Have fun. Oh, and get a cupcake from cupcake royale - the lavender-iced variety are fantastic.

Another idea, take the ferry to Bainbridge island and go shopping in their little town square. They've got some really cute little shops and the 30 min ferry ride makes it worth it.

Just a quick note that Retroactive Kids is moving to the Columbia City neighborhood, so everything in West Seattle is on sale right now. Might make that tip extra worth it to you...?

I second the Ballard area...its my favorite Seattle neighborhood. I'm not much of a fashion gal, but the home decor and gift stores in Ballard are fantastic. And the cupcakes and coffee are super too.

Thanks so much for the suggestions everyone. I did indeed escape to Seattle for this past weekend! I left the kids home with Daddy and took off by myself and I have to say I had a great time. I really did enjoy Ballard especially and Belltown too. The two shops I thought that had more reasonable prices and wearable clothing were TBC and Violette. Ironically, if you are looking for resale items, a Seattle local told me that she and her friends actually prefer to come to Portland for a much better selection. Thanks again for all the tips!

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