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Next week is Spring Break for Portland and Beaverton Public Schools. That's a change in the schedule for all of us. For some of us who may work fulltime, spring break means a hunt for day camps. For some of us, spring break means a search for new and fun activities for ourselves and our kids. There are things going on out there, like Free Swim Lessons at some pools and surely a whole host of other funness to be had. There are camps at the ol' standbys: the Zoo Camp or Children's Museum Camp. What else is there? Art camp at 100th Monkey Studio? Kung Fu Camp? Maybe leisurely mornings and long bike rides? Walks to our favorite parks to catch up with neighbors and friends?

What's Spring Break '07 like for our family? Monday through Wednesday, our girls will hang with one of their bestest gal pals (a sitter share!). We have family coming in late Wednesday, who'll spend some QT with the girls on Thursday. On Friday, we'll zip away for a long weekend getway at Sunriver, and that'll be that!

How 'bout you all? Care to share some plans for your upcoming week?


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Preschool is out for us, too, but since it's a work week for me our break won't be that different than any other week, just using our various nannies a little more. I think I will play hooky from work a few hours here and there take advantage of some of the classes the Multnomah Public Library is putting on (http://www.multcolib.org/).

One With Heart Tulen Center offers affordable, active and fun Kung Fu Spring Break, Summer Camps and Day Camps for inservice days. My daughter loves these camps! This martial art style is based on 4 animals, so kids do obstacle courses, excercises and play games like a monkey,tiger,crane or snake. So fun! They go to Mt Scott pool, train and play in the park and have a ton of fun. Hours are 8:30-5:30. Cost: $199
Check out the website or go on in and check out the school and classes to get a feel for the place. There are two school, Hawthorne and St Johns for those of us looking for cool activities in North.

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