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HATCHED! The Big Push From Pregnancy to Motherhood

As reviewed by the boss:

The author:  Sloane Tanen

The schtick:  Cheeps* used in coffee table humor book to demonstrate the hilarity of motherhood.  Example:  baby chick lies in half-eggshell asleep in crib, mama chick (which is odd; shouldn't she be a hen and not a chick?  But I digress) is leaving the room w/ storybook flung to floor; caption beneath reads "Goodnight moon, hello martini."

(*Cheeps, tm = the marshallow chicks you find in your basket at Easter time)

If I had only one sentence to sum up my impression of this book, I would say "Cute, but definitely not indispensible."  It's undoubtedly a fast read.  Would make for an interesting gift to a mom-to-be.  But take this with a grain of salt, for my sense of humor runs more to classic Mad Magazine, Molly Ivins, and South Park.  You've been warned.

Less relevant, but really annoying:  The promo materials were a serious turnoff, designed I'm guessing for that same demographic that reads the NYTimes parenting articles in the Style section and thinks "Ah Yes, I am such an Au Courante parent."  Press clippings included a Vanity bio/puff piece on the author and her sister, who as it turns out are the children of some very famous and powerful Hollywood mogul, WHATEVS. Thrill to hear how the Tanen sisters are so normal despite their privileged upbringing, their education at Sarah Lawrence, blah blah yes, I have major class resentment.


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thanks for your review, theboss... i've been reading tons of mommy lit books lately and love to cross some off my list before they're even, hehe, 'hatched.'

why is it that all the people who write pregnancy books are famous and filthy rich and gorgeous? they *so* don't get what it's like to be *really* pregnant [furiously plots the urbanmamas guide to the imperfect pregnancy -- hey, that's copyrighted you know!]

Sarah Gilbert, this may be offtopic, but I love your writings on mamahood and would wait in line to get a book compilation of same.

Thanks for saying better what I think I really failed to do -- I've gotten a little something out of most of the books I've read on the pregnancy/motherhood etc. topic but yes, a surprising # of them seem to be written by women for whom mamahood is yet another very glamorous chapter in a very glamorous life. So God Bless the wonderful women who proudly & publicly embrace the wonderful chaos...

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