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Do you need a 'SuperNanny'?

Thanks to Liz for pointing out to us that SuperNanny is scouting for families in Oregon.  Think it's something that could benefit your family?  Apply on the ABC | SuperNanny website.


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Am I allowed to nominate people I know for SuperNanny? Haha, no I'm just kidding, we are probably the ones who need it the most. We always joke about it at those terrible moments when both of our children are screaming, one of us will say: "Help! Nanny 911!" It's always good for a laugh when you're in a ridiculous situation, you know, poopy diaper, broken dish, crying child/children. I want some British lady to walk in, put her tiny little handbag down, hang up her cape, and change my baby's diaper!

Ooh, I'd love to have Jojo come because I want to say 'thas un-ASS-sept-able!" to her.

A friend recommended a woman (Coast Solutions) who does private and telephone consultations on family dynamics and behavior/discipline. She helped my family (1 son and 2 daughters) immensely and was kind and super supportive. She followed up with me for one month after the consultation!!! There are a ton of books and advice out there, but NO ONE who follows up with you and provides ongoing support!!!! Her rates are reasoble too and I recommend her to everyone! Her email is rforsyth@dowco.com

She definitely saved our family - my husband and i were going to kill each other!

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