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Children's Museum Parties

Has anyone hosted or attended a birthday party at the Children's MuseumMelissa asks:

I wonder if you would help me by asking if anyone's been to a birthday party at the Children's Museum.  I'd be curious to know the age of the birthday child and how the experience was for both the adults and children.  My daughter has her heart set on it, so i'd love help in fine tuning the details.


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I attended a party for a 3yr old boy there a couple of months ago. There were quite a few kids invited (his whole daycare class, plus some add'l friends). In the designated room, they had tables set up for kids and grownups. The parents of the bday boy brought pizza and drinks. The kids were a little young for games, so we only used the room for eating and opening gifts. We probably spent about an hour in there. It was a little crowded and the kids got a little antsy, but fortunately after the party, all the guests could go enjoy the Childrens Museum, so that was a nice touch.

It was a good experience. I think it would be even better for kids a little older who could perhaps do arts/crafts activities during the party.

Hi Melissa,
We had my daughter's second birthday at the museum. We rented out one of the private party rooms to eat cupcakes and open presents, but in retrospect we could have just done that in the common eating/sitting area on the right-hand side of the museum (when you're walking in past the reception desk.) We had a small gathering and we spent such a short amount of time in the room, the added cost didn't seem worth it. We did spend the money to get the goodie bags that the museum can put together for you. They were cute little re-usable tote bags filled with masks, pencils, stickers, etc. After we had cupcakes and open gifts, the kids/parents pretty much went their separate ways to go play for the rest of the day. The staff was friendly and courteous as I was making arrangements for the party, and they checked in with us to make sure everything was OK during the party. PS-Be sure to bring those anti-bacterial wipes or lotion! :)

Last year, our daughter attended a birthday for her friend who was turning 5. The celebrant had a room for pizza and cake. Most of the time was spent exploring the museum. Depending on the size of the party and the age of the celebrant, I like Hayley's idea of using the community space to gather for a bit since the majority of the time and fun comes from the museum activities.

We had our son's 4th bday party there this weekend. Spacewise, it was fine: We had eight kids and a dozen adults, and we fit perfectly in the One Potato room. We paid for the paper bag puppetmaking, and I wasn't thrilled. I sort of expected the woman from the museum to actually lead the kids through it, helping them out, encouraging them to try, etc. Instead, the moms did all the work. Except for the neat cart o' supplies the museum provided, we would have been better off doing our own craft activity.

I've been to a couple of parties there and found, generally, that about half the kids stick around after the cake, etc., to play in the museum. Which makes me wonder whether it's worth the cost, given that museum admission is really what you're paying for. Next year, we're going to do a party at school for his classmates and a smaller one at home for friends from the neighborhood. It might be more work, but I think it will cost less and be just as much fun.

I had a smiliar experience attending a party there. The room for the party was nothing special, and in fact felt small and had horrible acoustics. The fun part was after the party, getting to play in the museum, but then it felt like we were just waiting for the birthday part to finish so we could go out and explore the museum. If I were planning a party there, I'd have it be about playing at the museum with friends, and skip the gifts and renting the private room.

We went to a party for a two year old (with an almost 2 year old) and got the time wrong so ended up spending the hour prior to the party in the museum playing. It was a pleasant surprise for us because we didn't know admission is free for the party guests for the entire day of the party. So when we went to the party we had already had our fun in the museum and were ready for the party. Our friend had rented a room and we visited, had cake and presents for about an hour and a half probably. It was a great time by all and I recommend it.

I had my sons 3rd birthday there. He loved it, and has requested it again for his 6th. We had everyone meet us an hour before the room rental began so the children could play together. This was the true highlight. Then to the room for cake and a pinata and out the door. We had his whole class so it was full.

Overall its expensive but I haven't found too many options for outside the home parties, and the kids had a blast playing with their friends at the museum. (last year we rented a community center which wasn't pretty but the kids also had a great time between our structured activities ((playdough making in the kitchen)) and classic indoor park play.)

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