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Time for another w[h]ine night?

We hope all you urbanMamas have been able to get out - sans bebes - every now and then. It's so important and healthy for us to hang out and socialize, especially with other mamas, old friends and new. In the past, we've gotten together for happy hour, and w[h]ine nights One, Two, and Three. Do I hear a "Four"?

Come join us and grace us with your presence, humor, and mamaderie. Let's enjoy wine together. We don't even have to whine if we don't want to! RSVP in the comments.

urbanMamas w[h]ine night
Vino VIxens, 2929 SE Powell
(here's a fun li'l write up on Vino Vixens via PortlandFoodandDrink.com)
Friday, March 9

Have a great idea for a mama-owned spacious spot conducive to us floating around and chatting? Have a great big house, office, or other space you'd like to donate to the event? Be sure to let us know!


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Looking forward to some vino and socializing sans kids!

hurrah! i am so in!

I would love to join in on this!

what about souk? it's a space for freelancers to have office space and conference rooms. she may be open to the exposure.

here's the url. let me know if you want me to call her. http://www.soukllc.com/

kat, great idea on souk! we'd love for you to see if she'd be open to hosting our group. we can all bring nibbles and wine to share... it sounds like she's hosted other groups before, maybe even PMI?

Sounds like fun!

i'll be there, wherever "there" is :)

Extracto is also Mama and Papa owned I found out yesterday when we had our Jewish Mamas group there. The owner said she may be open to some group type stuff if she is contacted with details.

I would love to join you all and hopefully meet some new friends. This would be my first happy hour : )

Ditto the enthusiasm expressed by everyone else. It would be great fun to put faces to names.

Enterbeing at NE Alberta & 16th is a small but cozy space if the other options don't work out for some reason.

Oops, enterbeing is already booked for 3/9, so scratch my suggestion for now. perhaps for future w[h]ine nights...

Sounds like fun. I read the posting by debby mentioning the Jewish Mamas group, will you let me know where I can learn more about you all? I saw your postings during the holidays but couldn't make the meeting and haven't seen anything since. I'd be interested to meet other Jewish mamas. Thanks.

Sounds fantastic, hope to see you all there...!

I'd like to come (also my first time!), if it's in NE. If it's not, I probably can't make it, but will try!

I can't wait to see everyone!

Any idea yet where it will be? It's getting close!

Thanks to Anne who emailed us to suggest Vino Vixens on SE Powell, and we'll update the post accordingly. Let's meet there. See you Friday!

I'll see everyone there!

do they serve snacks as well? can we bring some if not? i'm a bit of a light-weight these days, and need some food to counteract the wine!

Vino Vixens has crackers and cheese I think for purchase. I will be bringing some snacks to share but I'm not exactly sure what yet. Probably fruit, veggies, and maybe a hummus with bread type thing. The no-dairy thing sort of rule out the cheese still...

Thanks mamas for such a fun night! Vino Vixens is tres cool indeed; and very intimate. There's talk that the next urbanMama's event may be a Naked Lady Party.

I'm really bummed out that I missed it...I couldn't find a sitter for a Friday night. Maybe next time it could be on a Saturday? Much easier to plan for someone to watch the kid on a weekend night, not after a long day of work! I'm glad you all had fun! What's a naked lady party??

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