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The Next Friday Knights

Back by popular demand, Friday Knights is scheduled for Friday, February 23rd.  We went last time, and our girls had a super-duper time.  They came home with fun stuff, like journals and pens, and they spent the evening making huge life-size drawings, playing card games, and playing the night away.  The best part was that we adults could steal away for a couple of hours of grown-up time and grown-up drinks.

Mark your calendars and RSVP now!  Sydney's is modifying it's format, pricing, and timing, so here are details:

Sydneys2_3Friday Knights at Sydney's
Friday, February 23, 2007
6:30 to 8:30 PM (feel free to drop off at 6:15 to help kids get situated)
Kids ages 5 and up (Kids as young as 3 are welcome when accompanied by an older sibling)
$15 per child, $10 for first sibling, and $5 for each sibling thereafter

Advance registration required: sydneyscommunity@gmail.com or 503 241 4313.


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So you can leave kids and go somewhere else? Hmmm...Anyone want to pretend they're Clara's older sibling?

Philly would be happy to pose as Clara's older sibling. The resemblence is striking.

Sounds great, but I tried to email them and it was bounced back. Is that the correct email address?

Sounds great, but I tried to email them and it was bounced back. Is that the correct email address?

Sharai, you might try again, I just updated the e-mail link, it had a typo in it.

Thanks! Sorry for the multiple postings. My computer kept saying there was a posting error, but apparently was still posting them.

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