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Sturdy Lift the Flap Books

Infant-friendly, saliva-resistant, tear-free book.  Does such a thing exist?  Jennifer poses the following question:

My 10-month old loves books, especially pop-ups and lift-the-flap books. Problem is, she always chews or pulls off all the flaps. Does anyone know of any lift-the-flap board books that are sturdier for little hands?


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The cloth ones that you find at specialty stores tended to work for us. I did find the costco ones seem to last maybe 2 weeks longer than others, but they always sucumbed eventually to tearing.

I have two suggestions:

1) There are some books that have flaps that are the whole page. One that my 1-yr old loved was "Peekaboo Kisses" by Barney Saltzburg. It's got texture and kissing, both things that babies love, and the flaps are the whole page folded over.

2) There are some books that have flaps that are almost pressed-wood like. Or some books have sliding "window"-like flaps made of the same sturdy material. I've mostly found these at Tuesday Morning but their inventory is never consistent. Certainly worth a try, though.

We have one book where my son actually pulled the flap off and to this day he comments on how "I did that, remember?" But for all the lift the flap books, only having one flap missing is not bad, all in all. Probably has more to do with the fact that most of them were procured when he was past 18 months of age...

I have a Todd Parr shapes flap book which has 50 flaps, and they are small and very sturdy. My 19 month old has never been able to get them off, while she has been pretty successful at ruining her Spot flap books. I also love the idea of Todd Parr, as he ends all of his books with an affirmative message and with "Love, Todd." He has books about being ok with being different, or having a different family. I am happy to support him by buying his products.

Check out your favorite Usborne rep's site! They have the best board books; I love their touchy-feely's - they last for years and years and UBAH has a great replacement system in place. If you don't know of one, you can go here https://www.ubah.com/leads.aspx to find a local consultant (and you can find them at your local bookstore, but a consultant will have a catalog for you to browse and maybe a website as well :D ).

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