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Starting Soon: NE Playgroup

Thank you, Diana, for spearheading this effort:

Hello, I am the mother of 16 month old daughter and live in North East Portland. I am starting a playgroup/moms morning off type of thing. My son, who is 3, has been in a similar group since he was 20 months old and has loved it.

What's it about...4-10 families get together and rotate houses and days to allow for the playgroup. The group is usually from 8:30 to about 12:30, it's a socialization and preschool readiness type program with books, singing, crafts, bilingual instruction, dancing and anything else that toddlers do and love.

Who runs it... The families get together and agree and hire a "nanny/teacher" to teach and play with the little ones. We each pay $5 an hour and the group caps out at 4 toddlers a day. You can choose to stay for 3 or 4 hours, a nutritious lunch/snack is served and mom gets the morning off. Parents would always be welcome to stay and help out and get a discount if they do.

My son has been a similar group, we just adore our teacher and the families have become extremely close, the kids have learned tons and surprise us every time they come home with their new stories.

I have a couple families interested already and a "teacher" in mind but we would all find a time to get together and work out the details. Ideally this would be available 5 mornings a week and you can choose how many days you want to attend. Very flexible and always fun.

We're looking for kiddos between 15-20 months who would like to be in the group. Email thedess@hotmail.com or call 503 888 7149 so we can set up a play/info date.


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