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Sellwood Playgroup Association

Looking for a playgroup in the SE?  Kirstin writes:

Any families living in Sellwood, Eastmoreland or Westmoreland looking to connect with other parents and kids are welcome to join one of the playgroups in the Sellwood Playgroup Association--free and pretty informal. Right now we have three groups--one for kids born in 2006, one for kids born in 2005 (about 50 families right now), and another that is mainly 2004 kiddos with a few 2003s (also about 50 families). We'll probably start looking for someone to start a 2007 group around summertime.  Each group has a website and mailing list with weekly playgroups and gatherings.

2004 group:  http://www.sellwoodplaygroupschedule.blogspot.com/
2005 group:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sellwood05/
2006 group:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sellwood06playgroup/

Anyone with questions or who wants to be directed to a particular group can contact me:
Kirstin McAuley
Sellwood Playgroup Association Co-Founder
Coordinator for Sellwood 2005 Playgroupmom to Ellery, Olivia and Clara


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We are moving to Sellwood the next may. CAn you send me information about the Sellwood's preschools?

Thought I'd update--we now have playgroups up through 2008 and have one website that can link you to all the groups. Check out
www.sellwoodplaygroups.blogspot.com to connect with the group for your child or children.

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