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Seeking Resident Book Worm

In the urbanMama's mailbox are many opportunities for reviewing books for upcoming releases.  Sadly, despite our great interest in the written word, we are overbooked.  Here's an opportunity for a Portland mama (or papa) to review upcoming book releases.  We only ask that you send us a review of the book once it's been read so that it can be shared with our wonderful community of readers.  Does this sound like something your interested in?  Send us an email along with your contact info including mailing address.  The latest offer is below:

Writing to you from Bloomsbury regarding the upcoming release of Sloane Tanen's book HATCHED! The Big Push from Pregnancy to Motherhood (Bloomsbury May 2007).  Given the topic of your blog, I'm thinking this book may be right up your (and your readers') alley!  Following the bestselling and wildly popular BITTER WITH BAGGAGE SEEKS SAME and GOING FOR THE BRONZE, Sloane Tanen's chickens are back, but gone are the worries about overbooked yoga classes and the frantic pace of online dating--this time these chickens have only one thing on their minds: babies.  From epidurals to stretch marks to maternity jeans and diaper rash, never before have the joys, trials, and tribulations of wanting, having, and raising a baby been so ingeniously and truthfully rendered.  HATCHED! will have mothers and mothers-to-be everywhere laughing with recognition.


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Hmm, is there any money in it? I have a nearly 4-month-old baby girl and won't be going back to work until June, but I'm looking for smallish freelance writing/editing gigs to work on for the time being. (I normally edit books full-time for a publisher here in Portland.)

I'd be very interested in this - I was a book review columnist for several years, am a writer and editor, and a mama. Send me an email with details for getting started, and I could take this on right away! Sounds like fun.

Mindy: Since we get many requests to review books from publishers but have so little time, we thought we would at least share the opportunity with our readers.

Thanks for the response, Mamas. For all that have emailed, we'll put you in a queue and let you know when we receive a request for a review.

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