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Non-toxic carpet cleaner?

Now that we have little ones inspecting every nook and cranny of our homes, we are vigilant about maintaining clean quarters and trying to use non-toxic cleaners in the process.  Chanda asks:

I have a baby who is about to take off crawling, and I suddenly am very aware of the state of my floors...!  I am looking for an environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, baby-friendly carpet cleaner.  Any ideas?  Does Stanley Steemer do a non-chemically rug cleaning?  Also, I am looking for an eco/child-friendly drycleaner.  Does anyone have any leads?


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I have great luck with Chem-Dry. They don't use any soap/chemicals, but instead extremely hot carbonated water (think club soda). Good luck!

We used TerraClean (www.terracleanworld.com) this fall, to clean the carpets and our heating ducts. They have a $50 coupon in the Chinook Book too, which more than covered the $20 cost of my book. They were great - timely, fast, very friendly. They were also in the process of converting all their trucks and equipment to run on bio-diesel which I thought was pretty cool.

For the rare items that need dry cleaning, we use the Dry Cleaning Station (www.drycleaningstation.com) - they've got a couple locations around town, I think, as well as a free pick-up service.

Kind Care Carpet (http://www.kindcarecarpet.com/) cleans with bi-o-kleen, and is super fast, and well priced. :) Jeff, the owner is a super nice guy.

My mom used Chem-dry on her carpets. We visited two days later and my one year old got a horrible rash all over his face. He was looking for a lost car under the couch with his cheek to the carpet. Took him to the Dr. Two Dr.'s looked at it. The rash started to bubble in areas. Horrible. We called Chem-dry twice to ask them how to clean the carpets again to get what ever they put on it off. They never called back.

We have also used Terra Clean and they did a great job. However, now that we have a 3yr-old, 1 yr-old and two rabbits we cannot afford to have them cleaned as often as needed and for everyday mishaps. We just ordered SafeChoice Carpet Shampoo (healthyhome.com) which can be used in rental/home shampoo units. Same brand as Safecoat paints that EBS sells.

We've used Eco Clean for our carpets and couch (which they performed miracles on). They were extremely affordable and only use orange-based child and environmentally friendly products that left our house smelling really yummy.

We also used Eco Clean. They saved my couch!

We had problems with all the carpet cleaner companies we hired. One of our kids always gets a nasty rash from it. Instead hubby purchased us a carpet cleaner and I scrub the carpet with a brush and very mild ecofriendly laundry detergent (its usually whatever is on sale - a little goes a long way). I use the carpet cleaner on rinse mode, its just water nothing added. The problem is during the winter months its takes all day to dry, during the summer its dry in a few hours. I know it takes a while to do, but I now have brushes for my kids and they have a lot of fun helping me out. they mostly blow bubbles in the room (its the only time bubbles are ok in the house)

Our neighbor has the cleaner companies give her a list of what they use to treat the carpet before she hires them. She found a few companies tell you they don't use chemicals, but actually do.

Eco-Clean cleaned our carpets last month and were dry within a few hours. They only use Bio-Kleen products which are totally safe to use around our kids and pets. I have done the research on cleaners and I know they're safe. Walt is the owner of Eco-Clean and he is really great, seems real honest and down to earth. No "hard-sell" which I have run into in the past. Price is very reasonable too.



I looked up their information, pass it along!

By the way, Walt just left here and my carpets are clean, clean, clean! Wanted to let you know that Eco-Clean still rocks.

We used DMS Carpet Cleaners here in Westport Ct. and they offer Organic/Green Carpet Cleaning

It was my understanding that Chem Dry does not use soap, but I had awful spotting on my sofa after they cleaned it. I had another company come. When they started to clean my sofa he showed me all of the soap that was in the fabric.

I have a steam cleaning machine and for regular maintenance I just use water. Some people use vinegar, but I think that can set stains so be careful.

I had my carpet cleaned today by Stanley Steemer. I asked the technician if there were any harmful chemicals in their carpet protection solvent as I have a one and two year old and I do my best to be as green as possible. He stated that there were NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS but as I sit here at 3am with my low grade headache, I am wondering otherwise. Are there harmful chemicals in their protection solvent? I am beside myself as I feel I have exposed my children to some terrible chemicals and the technician may have lied to me to get a sale.

We are getting new carpet upstairs in TEN DAYS. Well, it's been nine years and TEN MORE DAYS that I've been waiting, and the carpet guy said the carpet we have looks like it's about twenty-five years old. Gross. I can't wait. This is my first-ever carpet buying experience.

Just wanted to post here about Stanley Steemer in case someone comes across this post... Like Stephanie, I believe SS when they told me there were no harmful chemicals. I only had two rooms in the house done, but now it reeks! And I have a headache. So worried about my baby, too. I would NOT recommend them!!

There is a all Natural all purpose cleaner that is called "Advanage" ;notice that the word is not spelled the way that it normally is so that you can find it on the internet to order it. www.advanage20x.com It is to be diluted so although it looks pricy, actually it is not .Reminds me of the remarkable stuff in that new Movie with Barbra Strisand where her son created a miracle cleaning product that he even drank as a sales pitch! lol It does work on everything . They have a system for spot cleaning carpet that they use the advanage then use a certain cloth that they provide and then you use your heal of shoe to remove the stain once it is covered with the cloth. Really works. I have done my own carpets with it several times with good results however I really wanted them machiene force done after a couple of years even though i live alone. I don't have a ton of extra money i did get "Stanley steamer" and they did do a pretty good, job i think . Maybe not excellent but yeah for the price my carpets are really clean (but they have advanage on them that i couldn't rinse out ). I did not allow the surprised technician to add the carpet scent and protector though. I wanted to say thank you for sharing , because after reading post's here i am glad that i did, hope this helps someone else! Happy clean Carpets! LOL

Thank you for the information about "Advanage." I am looling for a product that I can use to personally clean my carpet.

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