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Join the indoor park of the future?

A long time ago in mama years, I joined the Buckman Indoor Park. At the time it was held in the old wrestling room of Washington-Monroe High School on SE 12th and Stark. Only months after I joined, though, Portland Public Schools sold the building (which was being used for, among other things, a school for teen moms) to the city in hopes that one day, a community center would be there. Which was great, and all, but now we had no where (cheap) to call home.

I soon joined the board of the Buckman Indoor Park, and we changed the name to "Friends of Indoor Park" as we knew it would be a longshot finding space in the Buckman neighborhood. We put the play equipment, purchased by a grant in the 80s, into storage and started looking for new space. Cindi Carrell and I both tried to find time when we could to figure out a space that would be secure, large, centrally-located, and cheap -- but given that we were both busy and, let's face it, our requirements were a tall order -- we still have lots of great equipment in storage.

We have some big possibilities ahead, suddenly, right in the Sunnyside neighborhood, and a group of mamas is getting together this Monday, February 26th, at 10 a.m. in Cindi's house. I have to be in D.C. for a last-minute meeting, so I can't be there -- but if you can, or can't but want to be involved, please leave a comment here and I'll contact you with more details.


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can't make it tomorrow (music class) but i'd definitely be interested in future meetings. let me know. thanks!

Are we talking about a place that will be open other hours besides weekdays? Because I would be very interested in a place I could bring my child during non-working hours. If this was possible, I would love to be involved.

I'd love to be involved in this. It is ridiculous Portland doesnt have more rainy-day options for families!

I can't make it tomorrow but I would be interested in future meetings as well. I live in NoPo and I'm not too sure where Sunnyside is... but I am up for learning about a new neighborhood.

Indoor playparks seem to be on everyone's mind this time of year. I have been working on a plan to make the indoor playpark at one of the community centers available on Sundays from mid-march through the end of May. I am just not sure how many families would be interested.

Maybe I can lend a hand in your project and learn a few bits for my project.

Thanks for the invite.

I would love to be involved in this and am available tomorrow morning (along with my 2&4 year olds)

Thanks for the interest in the indoor park idea. We are still working on finding space. I wanted to let people know about an event this weekend at Sunnyside Environmental School - the Useful Goods Exchange. The organizer has been talking to us about an indoor playground idea and thought that people here might like the info and the chance to exchange clothing and toys. Follow the link below for more details.


Hi - whatever happened with this? I am happy to help if it is still in play. thanks.

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