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Housecleaner Recommendations Part 3

Virginia is looking specifically for independent housecleaner recommendations:

I’m getting ready to make the transition from full-time stay at home mom to full-time work at home AND stay at home mom. Since my husband and I are both self-employed we are lucky to be able to pull this off and still be at home with our toddler. However, there is no way I can keep the house clean on top of it. Can anyone recommend a cleaning person? I’m looking for someone who is more of an “independent contractor”. I don’t want to hire a company unless there is a person that one of you would specifically recommend. I need someone to come in every other week and “super clean” the bathrooms and floors. I’d appreciate some great recommendations.


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If you live in SE my house cleaning helper is amazing. She is self-employed. Very, very good. I found her during my first pregnancy when I couldn't reach below my waist and we couldn't live sanely with out her. And she does things like goes and get's my vacuum bags and cleaning products. She even had my vacuum fixed once--all I had to do was write the check! Her only catch is that she only works SE. I adore her and she's reasonably priced. P.S. Her other passion is doing "house ready" for sale (not sure what that's called, but she'll make your house pretty if you are planning to sell.

Her name is Beth: 503-422-8076. : )

i highly recommend our sara. she's wonderful: super hard-working, uses all- natural, environmentally friendly products, plus she's funny and kind, kind, kind.
she can be reached at 503 285-5447.

I work out my home studio and have a nine month old. I couldn't do it all without Angela – she's spectacular! She uses all environmentally friendly products and our house smells so wonderful after she's done. She has such a calming prensence.I live in NE and she lives in SE - she'll go anywhere in Portland. Her number is 503.703.3054

We use Nellie (who we found from our Realtor). She is at 503/245-8306. She lives in SW but goes all over town. She works with her family. And also does "house ready". She has a lot of clients with kids. She does a great job and usually brings a card or present for the kid.

I highly recommend Amy at Sparkling Palaces. Her number is 503-754-1474. She's a self-confessed "cleaning nerd" & she's delightful.

We use Maid to Shine Cleaning and have had excellent results. They also received top ratings on Angie's List (www.angieslist.com)

Elizabeth Boyer:


Beth here. Thanks for the props Jesse! The other job I have is called 'staging' or home staging. It's what's generally done before people sell their homes. So if anyone's selling soon and wants to try to get top dollar, please email.

Houses must be cleaned, most especially those houses that are newly bought. They must be ready for the blessing and for the big gathering, just like a party.

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