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Designing Kenilworth Park's play future

Do you live near Kenilworth Park? If you do, you probably know that both playgrounds were destroyed by the parks department last fall because the wooden structures were rotting away. The upper playground, for younger children and toddlers, was fairly cheap to replace so the parks people found room in the operating budget to order some small structures, and they will all be in place and play-able soon.

The lower playground, meant for older, school-aged children, was a different matter and would be far more expensive. Somehow, Jeff Milkes, an enterprising parks employee, convinced the powers-that-be to set aside some $25,000 for a new play structure. This, he thought, was just enough, and some parents from the neighborhood met with him a few months ago to give him ideas.

Tonight, at the Creston-Kenilworth Neighborhood Association meeting at Grout School (32nd and Holgate), Jeff and a designer will be showing us some potential plans and asking for community feedback. If you're part of the community, we'd love to see you -- tonight, at 7 p.m. There will be activities for children if you can't find a sitter.


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Cheers to them, and to future solutions that will help you, too.

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