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Children's Art Supplies Study

We've gotten information about a study that some urbanFamilies may be interested in...

Study Details:
The project is focused on children's art supplies and will be conducted by SmartRevenue on behalf of a leading children's art supplies manufacturer. Participants will meet one of SmartRevenue's researchers at a local retailer to participate in a short, mock-shopping trip. After the shop-along participants will engage in a brief 12-15 minute interview on their shopping habits and history.

Participants will receive $25 dollars after the completion of the interview.

Friday, Saturday, and Sundays from March 3rd -March 25th 2007

Eligible Participants:
* A mother with at least one child in your household between the ages of 2 and 10 years
* Have purchased Children's Art Supplies in the past 12 months
* Are open to purchasing Children's Art Supplies in the next 6 months

Contact Us:
Interested candidates should email Anne Dougherty, SmartRevenue Children's Art Supplies Study Director at crayons@smartrevenue.com to schedule an appointment. Be sure to include "Portland urbanMamas" in the subject line.


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