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Childcare Forum for Providers

We recently launched the urbanMamas Childcare Referral Forum as a place for childcare seekers to post their requests.  What we forgot to mention is that it's also open to providers.  If you have a school related open house or event, send us an email and we will gladly post it on the forum.  Do you have an opening at your school or childcare facility?  Let us know, and we will help to spread the word!


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AllDomestics.com The leading Nanny Placement service and Domestic Agency in the Chicago area, offers consultative services, as well as a full supplement of support services for customers.

If you haven't tried an online service you should check out http://www.nannypro.com for qualified nannies at the fraction of the cost of a nanny placement agency.

You should try an au pair if you are looking for aaffordable flexible childcare. It averages to about $345 a week and its a great way to get your children exposed to many different cultures. All of the au pairs that come through Cultural Care Au Pair are screened carefully and we follow all Department of State guidelines. If you are interested in learning more you can e-mail me at Jenna.Haxton@lcc.culturalcare.com

There is a new website for a concept called Care-Pooling. You watch a persons child in exchange they watch yours. You meet through the website and set your preferences to narrow the field. It will only work if you join and spread the word. It is using the concept of "It takes a village to raise a child" to a whole new level. It is the only 100% parent co-op I have come across.


Can I just chime in for the au pair program? There are long-term au pairs who stay with a host family or my favorite... short-term au pairs who go for a couple of months up to 1 year. (They can also extend with the host family if its a great match!)

I was a former au pair and still get goose bumps when I think of the exhilarating experience of traveling overseas for the first time!

Karin Six

One of the best websites that I have found online for parents is http://www.howtofindananny.com/ This is an amazing website that has limitless resources for both parents and nannies and it's free...

We offer Free local delivery to all Daycare facilities . We specialize in daycare /childcare products. No need to shop numerous locations for your items.

A friend of mine started a site awhile ago that helps find childcare providers around the country. The site is http://www.childcareselect.com/ Its a great website and I feel comfortable trusting any services on their searches.

- Jo

Hey have you heard of this new childcare directory, KidzCare Directory.
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