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Wills, Trusts, and Estates

Would you say a good attorney is hard to find?  When it comes to setting up wills, trusts and estates, although there are many do-it-yourself resources, sometimes there's greater assurance in using a professional.  Blair is looking for a referral for a lawyer to set up wills, trusts, and the like.  Have you used someone good or do you know someone you'd recommend?  Or have you prepared these yourself a la Suze Orman?  Let us know below.


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We used Steve Goss of Goss & Brown LLC in Lake Oswego.
5285 SW Meadows Road, Suite 255
He does mostly estate stuff was very nice and easy to work with. He first sent us some tempates to fill out and then was very accomodating of getting it all done before our baby was born. Good luck.

We've been happy with Gary Compa at Kell, Alterman & Runstein. Doing our will and advanced medical directive was a pretty quick and easy process and didn't cost too much, in my view. http://www.kelrun.com/

Farleigh Witt, a downtown law firm, prides themselves on being family friendly and affordable. (disclosure - my husband is an atty there but really, they're worth checking out)

Chris Parnell
Farleigh Witt

This is something we are WAY overdue on. What is the ballpark figure for having a simple will done? Are there any low-cost options?

We used Cordell Post, who has since moved to Albany, but I recommend him. A big plus about Cordell is that he gave us the option of holding all meetings at our house, instead of his office. This was a huge deal to us, as we both wanted to be present, had a very squirelly 2yo and not a lot of babysitting options at the time. Our will cost somewhere between $300-$400.

1897 NW Laura Vista Dr.
Albany, OR 97321-1146

I'm a librarian so, of course, I took a book home from the library (with forms on CD-ROM!) -- Nolo's "Simple Will book", whcih worked for us (must update now that the new baby has arrived...). Nolo is a reputable legal publisher that is a favorite with public libraries. They cover state-specific issues and options for parents. Try the library or look at their products at their website -- make your will with their online tool even. http://www.nolo.com/guide/wills_estate_sale.cfm

We just paid $150 for mirror image wills at Kohloff and Welch in St. Johns. Yes, more than doing it by myself, but worth it.

Sorry: Kohlhoff and Welch!

you can call the Oregon State Bar & get a recommendation...then they only charge you $35 for the first consultation. I really like the guy they sent me to for questions on being the trustee of my father's finances...Bill Henderson in Sellwood. Then he gave me the card for another lawyer who he really recommends for a different type of case (haven't used him yet but will need him soon).

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