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The High Carb Solution

Well, I guess since it's OK to blow the New Years resolutions with pudding, why not continue on with cupcakes?  East side mamas who used to need a special occasion to head over to St Cupcake in NW will now no longer need a special occasion!  Saint Cupcake is opening their second location at SE 33rd and Belmont on February 2nd!  There is a Belmont shop menu available already.  I think I just gained another 5 pounds looking at that menu.  Dreaming of chocolate dots with cream cheese frosting mmm mmm good...


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Yes! I mean oh no! I am in trouble. Ever since my pregnancy, I continue to have dreams about cake--especially cupcakes.

Yikes. I am another pregnant mama who did not need to know this! [Yes, I am now counting the days until they open.]

I live just a few blocks away from this upcoming Temple of Temptation. How am I going to RESIST?!

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