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Seeking Part-Time Childcare for under 2

uMamas, can you help Jennifer out with some suggestions?

I just found out that our nanny is taking a full-time job with Google and I have a month to find childcare for my 20-month old girl. I think she would benefit from a daycare setting, but in the limited amount of research I've done so far it's been hard to find one that a) is conveniently located, b) allows half days (I work part time), c) takes kids her age, and d) has immediate openings! I've seen lots of interesting preschools out there, but most won't take kids her age, and most of the daycare places don't have websites so it's hard to learn much about them in a short time. Anyone have any recommendations? We live in northeast, near New Seasons in Concordia.


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Hey Jennifer. Just a thought: Have you considered checking out the bulletin board at Milagros to see if any stay-at-home moms have posted their availability to do child care? A friend of mine watches my 14-month-old in her home three days a week and I'm really pleased w/ the arrangement, after going thru a frustrating search similar to yours. I think you might find some more flexibility scheduling-wise w/ someone who's providing care in her home. Best of luck in the search, and hang in there.


We had our son in Beaumont Childcare which is an in home daycare right off of 44th and Fremont. I know she does part time and I am pretty sure she does half days. I think she starts at 18 months. The care provider's name in Lisa, we loved her and the other childen in the childcare. It is almost more like a preschool setting, she does story time, arts and crafts, etc. I am pretty sure she has immediate openings do to us having to pull our son out for different reasons but I would recommend her to anyone. Her name is Lisa Wardle

Her number is 503-281-0254

We have been going through the same thing. We live right near you. Our son just turned 2 and we are seeking 3 days a week for him. I've looked at a ton of preschools and have yet to find the right one. Most of them do want kids who are 3, and the big centers have long waiting lists. We've started checking out in-home daycares, but so far I haven't found the right one. I feel like I've looked at so many that I'm getting discouraged. I have not yet called Beaumont Childcare but it's on my list.

I've also considered starting a nanny-share with a similar age child or children. I have seen some nannies with preschool backgrounds who might be able to provide a preschool environment but for littler kids. Shoot me an email if you think you might be interested in something like this. I have a friend who does this and loves the situation she is in.


If you guys want to email me privately, I can tell you about my daycare, which has immediate openings, especially for a 2 year old.

Thanks for your comments, everyone. I called Beaumont, but unfortunately they only take kids 2 and over. Laura, I would be interested in talking to you, and I will contact you off the board. I'll also contact you, Debby. Thanks again - this is such a great resource!

I highly recommend Jan Bertalot. She runs an in-home childcare with about 6 kids. Her school is located in Laurelhurst, near 32nd & Glisan. Almost all the kids are 2-3 year olds and Jan runs a well organized program. Our 2.5 year old is there now and almost every day he comes home with fun art projects and has had a group walk around the block. I believe Jan is accepting new kids now. She doesn't advertise - her program has been completely booked by word of mouth for more than 10 years. Jan's number is (503) 239-9152.

I used Jan for my daughter when she was 1-1/2-3, and I'd like to second this recommendation! She's great.

Another place to try is Escuela Viva. They are located on Commercial Ave in the Mississippi neighborhood. They do half-days for 2 and up and are pretty affordable. Plus, you get the spanish element (short of immersion)!

I'm not sure how to start my own question so I'll tag on to this conversation....I noticed an old comment that recommended listing on craigslist for finding/providing childcare. The only responses I've gotten from my postings are scams! I'm wondering if people have any recommendations...I've put up flyers at places like Children's exchange/new season's/sweetpeas/spielworks but still no response. I'm seeking one family/two kids/full time. I'm bilingual Spanish/English. I've done cloth diapers/breastmilk/baby sign/baby wearing. I think my flyer looks pretty good & represents the positive aspects but I've had very little response. Is it just the slow season or have I missed something?

Hello Jennifer,

Have you checked out SW Parent-Child Collective? They are a wonderful co-op community, one of the very few in Portland that take children as early as 12 months on. My daughter has been going there for a year now (we started at 2, did not know the co-op even had a Young Toddler program for one-year olds then) and, of course, are continuing on! It is WONDERFUL. Check out the website at swparentchild.org and call Lorrie (contact info on the web site) , the membership person to chat any time.

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