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Pregnant Mamas Gatherings

More pregnant mamas gatherings! All local pregnant mamas + kiddos are welcome to these events. Please rsvp online at the Events page of the Portland Mamas Inc. website
and please make sure you check that site for updates such as time/location changes, cancellations, etc. Events are posted a month out on the PMI site, but if you'd like the full calendar of meetings, send me an email and I will send you the 2007 PMI Events Calendar. We also have an active private forum where pregnant mamas have been connecting, sharing advice, concerns, venting, etc. so after you attend one of the gatherings let me know if you'd like to be added to the private forum as well. Hope to see you pregnant mamas at one or all of these get-togethers!

UPDATE: The Jan 16th gathering has been canceled due to the snow and ice. Looking forward to catching up on the 30th and/or the 13th gathering!
Tuesday, January 16
5:30 pm
Sip & Kranz, 910 NW 10th Avenue

Tuesday, January 30
Urban Grind - NE
NE 22nd and Oregon Streets

Tuesday, February 13
Sip & Kranz, 910 NW 10th Avenue

Tuesday, February 27
Milagros, 5433 NE 30th Avenue


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I am a mama-to-be trying to gather information about maternity leave policies. I know the basics about Family Medical Leave Act, but I am at a small non-profit that is not subject to FMLA and lacking an explicit policy. Regardless of your work environment, would you share how your leave policy works? If you have to use accured sick/vacation days, and if your firm/office offers short term disability and or paid leave? Many thanks!

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