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Pediatric Dentist: Royce or Butler?

Deb is looking for feedback on two specific dentists:

My almost 6 yr old is going to need some work. Our insurance covers two docs in our area fully, pediatric dentists Dr. Royce on SE 10th or Dr. Butler on SE Stark.


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I do NOT recommend Dr. Royce.

Basically, he doesn't come across as someone who likes children. He told us that to get kids to cooperate, he finds it helpful to threaten that their parents will have to leave the room. (He didn't use the word "threaten" but that's what he meant). He also mentioned that using his "Daddy voice" is an effective tool to get kids to do what he wants. This one really made me cringe.

After one visit, we were out of there.

I don't know either of those doctors, but we did switch pediatric dentists based on how they handled dental work.

Dentist A was pleasant and did a really nice job on the fillings my son needed when he was almost 2. I wasn't thrilled about not being allowed to go in back with him after he was sedated, but I appreciated that it wasn't full anesthesia they were doing. I could picture that maybe, at age 1, it really was better for me not to be in there when he was already woozy.

But then he needed more work at age 6, and it could be done without sedation, yet they still wouldn't let me go back there. It became clear to me that that alone was what was freaking him out, and it wasn't going to work unless they sedated him, which they insisted they would have to do. Also, the assistants acted pleasant but seemed to be really clueless about how kids can balk at sudden transitions in a stressful situation.

So we shopped around and found Dr. Pike's office, which let me go back there, but also took such a gradual and kid-friendly approach that my son ended up telling me I could wait outside (where I could still see how things were going from a distance). However, the appointments did take about twice as long (which was fine with me, but might be hard for a working parent).

So... I guess if I were you I would ask some questions about exactly what steps they take, and who does them, and how, and how they handle it if things do not go smoothly, and then think about how that would work for your particular family and situation.

i'm a vote FOR dr. royce. he made my girls (who are both so incredibly shy and almost impossible to warm up to anyone) feel really comfy, didn't force anything until they were ready, and the entire first visit was just a little meet and greet to warm them up. the second visit was a full cleaning, but we were prepared to just visit with him again and come back a third time.

i'm so surprised that you didn't have a good experience with him, zinemama. we really liked him and i've recommended him to several friends, too.

My 14 year old has been going to Dr. Royce for the last 9 years and we like him.

I just wanted to chime in late here. My father is a Dentist (out of town, or I'd recommend him) and he takes children. He isn't a pediatric dentist, but does all kinds of general dentistry.

I spent my young life in his office, and NEVER EVER have I seen him ask a parent to leave the treatment room with a child that needs dental work, sedation or not. I've seen many many children in his chair, and the parents were always right there, sometimes the kids were on their laps in the chair.

If it were me, I'd flat out refuse to leave the treatment room and find another dentist. Being alone during a medical procedure as a child is scary, especially with dental work which is already scary enough.

My husband has horror stories of dentists when he was little, and I, of course, don't have any of these memories. Granted, it was my father in the chair, and he was nice as could be, but that is just the person he IS anyway, to all his patients. No "daddy voice", no threatening, no making parents leave the room.

My advice: search for a really great dentist with a kind bedside manner until you find one. They definitely are out there. And if you ever go to Tucson you can see my dad. :)

I would also have to warn against DR. Royce (actually spelled Royce). He has absolutely NO bedside manner and is not at all good with children. After dealing with a screaming patient and raising his voice to a little girl "I'm just going to look at your teeth, I'm not going to hurt you"...he was VERY frazzled came in to look at my 3 year old son and talked to him like he was 12. I feel very put off and we won't be going back.

Also his office is completely open to the waiting room so kids playing with toys are literally 3 feet from another child having his/her teeth worked on. The office is crowded, loud, and not at all a calming environment.

Dr. Royce (actually spelled Royse) downtown at 511 SW 10th.

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