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Party with a Movie

Thank you so much to Stephanie for sharing!

My daughter Chloe turned four last week. I'm pregnant and have been battling such horrible morning sickness, that the thought of planning a birthday party had me completely overwhelmed. I honestly just didn't have the energy to plan a party at home and felt so guilty about it! My husband and I discussed it and we ended up deciding to have a party at the Academy Theater. It was WONDERFUL! Honestly, all I had to do was bake the cake and show up. The Academy served pizza slices, popcorn and lemonade for the children and their parents. Once everyone was seated, we were treated to the movie "Flushed Away" (which the children loved!) After the movie, we had cake and opened presents before heading home. There was no set-up and no clean-up for me to deal with - we just showed up and the Academy took care of everything else. The children all had a blast, and I've been getting thank you emails from parents all weekend. My daughter had a wonderful birthday and it was so EASY! If there are other mamas out there who, for whatever reason, are looking to throw a birthday party away from home, I cannot recommend the Academy highly enough - they were great!


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I learned about the Academy on this site, and have been meaning to come back and RAVE to y'all...I've been twice and had such a great time. I went once by myself, once with a friend, and am planning a date for next time. The childcare provider is great, (her name is Angela, and your children might just want to stay there) and inexpensive, and they'll come and get you if your child is fussy. It's only $3 for a flick, and they have wine and cider and yummy pizza and I could go on and on but you get the idea. It's loved by those who know about it, but I'd like to make sure everyone knows!

We LOVE the Academy too! Angela is wonderful, the pizza (Flying Pie) is delicious, and they did a beautiful job restoring the theatre to its Art Deco glory.

I hadn't thought of doing a birthday party there - great idea. Thanks!

WHAT if anything are you doing to help with your nausea? i dont remember feeling THIS BAD with my first and i'm really suffering. my midwife suggested acupuncture (fine) but i cant seem to get an appt until tomorrow afternoon. have you tried this? nothing worked with my first so i'm pulling for the needles. thoughts?

re: the nausea (sarah), accupuncture truly saved me. truly! And...this will sound strange, the sour altoid candies. I popped 5 at a time and for some reason, sucking on those helped (I am now at 20 weeks and nausea has passed, thankfully). Ginger Ale and Sierra Mist (and I don't drink soda normally) were good too, but my favorite was Newman's Lemonade. Popsicles are good, too. Aside from that, the usual Rx of liquids, getting enough sleep, and snacking. Think I gain most of my pg weight during the 1st Trimester just trying to stave off the cursed nausea. Good luck!

Hi Sarah! I'm so sorry you're feeling so awful. Thankfully, I'm almost 15 weeks now and the nausea finally seems to be stopping, but it was nightmare for awhile - I was throwing up morning, noon and night. It was so bad, it would wake me out of a sound sleep some nights. I've lost six pound since my last appointment four weeks ago. Crazy! I can't say that anything worked wonders (other than time) but ginger ale (the "natural" kind with actual ginger) did help me a a lot. I'm not a soda drinker, but I loved it when my morning sickness was at its peak. I also sucked on my share of Tums as well - not hugely helpful, but they did mute the nausea a little.

My midwife said that the nausea is worst when you're dehydrated because there's a higher concentration of hormones in your blood, so the more you can drink, the more diluted the hormones will become, and the better you'll feel. I was skeptical at first but noticed that I did usually have a stretch in the early afternoon where the nausea wasn't really gone, but was under control, and I would try to force myself to drink as much as possible then. For some reason, plain water made me really gaggy, so I tried to stick to cammomile tea or ginger ale, and I was able to keep both down, and the more I was able to drink, the less I threw up. I still felt nauseous, but didn't vomit nearly as much, or feel nearly as awful as I had been feeling. I didn't try accupuncture but if I had thought of it, I might have!

I'm sorry I can't be more help, but I guess my best advice would be try to stay as hydrated as possible and hope that everything improves as you move into your second trimester. I feel almost back to normal now (at almost 15 weeks.) For some reason though, brushing my teeth makes me throw up - weird!

Totally unreleated - I too have to give a shout out to Angela at the Academy. My daughter LOVES her - she's wonderful!

along the lines of the sour altoids- i've been told that the neighborhood natural foods store just past 39th on Hawthorne has ginger mints made especially for pregnancy nausea. they are not "mints", just small ginger....candies or pills or whatever you want to call them and i'm told they are great. good luck!

friends, thank you so much for the kindness and advice. at the request of two different people, i went for citrus today. so i hear you on the sour altoids and lemonade. it seems totally incongruent but eating that SAUERKRAUT also felt good. strange. so today, the lovely lady at new seasons directed me to the kumquats. miracle. i have that acupuncture appt today so i have high hopes for extended wellness but in the meantime, this sour thing is freaky good. i LOVE this site!!! thank you mamas!

We did a party at the Academy last weekend for a bunch of 7 year olds thanks to your recommendation. They were very nice, and it was all very easy compared to parties past. Granted I am still exhausted :) but the kids had a good time. The only thing that is tricky is getting invites out when the movie times can fluctuate

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