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N/NE Preschool Fair

MOMS Club of N/NE Portland is hosting a free Preschool Fair. Come meet local preschools, talk to the teachers and other parents and find the best preschool for your child.

Saturday, January 27, 2007
9:00am - 1:00pm
Grant Park Church Gymnasium
2728 NE 34th Ave, Portland OR (cross street Knott)
Refreshments provided.


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I'm going to be here today. Come down and see me (and bring me coffee! Just kidding...they have coffee.) I think this fair will be a good way for parents to avoid visits to multiple schools, and for schools to avoid visits from multitudes of parents that are just doing the rounds. It's always wonderful to see different preschool enviornments, but think of this as a "narrowing down" process. Check out all the schools, see what really resonates with you, and then plan your visits. Just think...You can visit 2 schools instead of 20!

We didn't make it to the Preschool Fair. Did anyone make it?

Any info you could pass along on terrific full day Preschool options for my 3 year old?

Bonuses for organic foods, location that is close-in and small teacher/child ratios.

I went and found it helpful. The MOMS Club gave everyone a directory as they walked into the room, and then most of the schools had their own information to hand out. I'd suggest contacting the MOMS Club to see if they can email or send a copy of the directory, it has contact information for all of the schools and a brief description for each, all in one spot.

Their Yahoo group address is

If you cant get a hold of them this way, send me an email and we'll just make a copy of my directory for you.

This sounds like it was a great event! Does anyone know if there will be a SE/SW preschool event held anywhere? If so, please post! :)

The best all day program I know is Alameda Beaumont Childcare. If I were to ever need all day for my children, this is where they would go. It has all the bonuses you mentioned, (and more than I can list.) http://www.alamedabeaumontchildcare.com/

I am looking for a pre-school recommendation for my active 3 1/2 year old son. He is currently in a playgroup, but as the teacher will be pursuing a new career come next fall, we are looking for a pre-school situation for September 2008.

We live in the Concordia area of NE Portland, and would love to find something within walking distance (or perhaps a very short bus ride). Ideally, the class would meet 2-3 mornings/week. I am hoping to find more of a pre-school situation, as opposed to a daycare situation, but as long as there are kids his age having fun (and maybe learning letters/songs/etc.), I can be flexible.

Thanks for any advice you mamas may have!

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