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Nice Cubes are In!

It was less than a year ago that we caught wind of Nice Cubes developing recipes and testing for its new organic frozen baby foods. Nice Cubes have been at markets now for a little while, and urbanMama Dianna wanted to share her praise of Nice Cubes:

Hi there! I am a local Mom who lives in the Pearl but wasn't sure where to send this. But, I have been using the organic Nice Cubes from Whole Foods (and I think now at New Season's, too) for my 8 month old, and they are just terrific! They are frozen organic baby food. They come in non-plastic microwaveable portions, and my boy much prefers them to the organic jar food that we were using before. I just wanted to pass on the word!!

Has your toddler tried Nice Cubes? What's his or her verdict?


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after seeing the last thread on frozen baby food - http://urbanmamas.typepad.com//urbanmamas/2006/12/frozen_organic_.html - i sought some out at New Seasons the other day. Calvin seemed to enjoy the Gentle Lentils quite a bit, so I'm sure we'll be getting more and trying some of the other flavors too. A bit spendy perhaps, and I prefer to just throw some of whatever we're eating into the mini-prep food processor, but for nights when we're having something spicy or otherwise unsuitable for the small boy, they'll do quite nicely!

OMG....I was part of the taste testing last year, and they had a "name the baby food" contest as part of the whole thing and I sent in "Gentle Lentils"...looks like it was chosen! Maybe I wasn't the only one who sent that name in, but how exciting is that! My daughter liked the lentils a lot, and much more than the jarred organic food. I like the ingredients more. She wasn't crazy about the oatmeal one, though. But if she was still eating baby food, I would certainly buy it. What does it go for price-wise? I remember filling out a questionaire about what I would pay for it, and it appeared that they were looking at really steep prices!

non-plastic? really? that is so great!

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