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Mommy 'n' Me Knitting

Thanks for the feedback on Mommy 'n Me Knitting.  Sydney's Cafe is proud to present its first of anKnit ongoing group for mamas and their little ones to gather an knit.  It's a great time for those of all ages and skill levels:

  • Have your child learn to knit
  • Finish that knitting project you have been working on
  • Meet up with a friend to chat and knit
  • Cozy up to comfy chairs and a latte while learning this craft
  • Collaborate with other knitters in the community
  • And simply have a wonderful Saturday morning!

Everyone is welcome!  Every Saturday beginning February 3rd at 10 AM.

1800 NW 16th Avenue
503 241 4313

updated March 1, 2007:  Due to schedule conflicts, Mommy 'n' Me knitting will now be every SUNDAY at 10 AM.


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I'll be there - and collecting any last minute knitted squares for my book afghan! I'm sewing it up that very day. This sounds wonderful and I can't wait to see everyone there.

thanks for organizing Olivia! and I'm so happy to see that Larissa will be there b/c I was about to say I had a previous knitting engagement -- but it was with Larissa, so looks like I'll be there 'round 10! yay!

I think I'll be there too. I'd better *ahem* block my squares (ever the procrastinator!). I just mapped Sydney's from my house and it's 3.5 miles. Anyone want to incorporate a run to Sydney's with me? I'll probably have my littl'un with me in a jogger stroller... I guess it'll probably be a walk home. I don't think I'm ready for 7 miles in one day yet :)

bummer. can't come... i will be working at a yarn shop at this time every saturday for the rest of the year... if anyone knows of any weekday knitting circles, will you please share them with me???? I am a new mommy, and desperate for a bit of un-solitary knitting fun.

we'll be up at timberline, or i'd totally be there. oh well, if it's going to be a weekly event, i'm sure i'll see some of you there sooner or later!

I would be very interested in attending from time to time, but am wondering if *beginners* are welcome? Am still working on a scarf...from ages ago! If so, Shetha, maybe I can plan on running w/you from SE...who knows?

JJ - we were thinking of hitting Timberline this Saturday, but I don't think we'll make it. Have fun! We're planning on trying to make this first knit, and our six-year old and I just learned how to knit. kmw, we are very, very beginner, and I was hoping to get some guidance from knittresses like Sarah, Larissa, and Shetha. Hope you all don't mind!

What fun! I can't promise I can come on the 3rd, though, as I am due on the 1st :) Maybe March, though. I am working on a felted bag and a Waldorf-style doll, and my 8 year old is making a scarf.

I know Shetha and Larissa are very patient with beginners because they helped me along when I was learning the wonders of knitting in the round (thanks Shetha!) and yarn-overs (I think I finally figured them out Larissa...)! It wouldn't be right if I didn't pay it forward :)

good luck Heather! if you *do* come, I'll give you all my best good knitting-for-baby vibes.

Does anyone have any recommendations on beginner books or cds/tapes? So far I bought a beginner kit and its ok, just a few things are a bit hard to figure out. Also looking for a good beginner kit for children (age 9yrs) any recommendations?

I will be there with my odd looking scarf (i'm a beginner so its a bit funny looking) :)

I was thinking this might be fun...anyone else coming with their toddlers?

I'm going to be there with my 4-year-old... this is my first post to urbanmamas, but this knitting thing really caught my eye! My little one can kind of knit (I wrap the yarn around, he does everything else), and I THINK he'd relish the chance for some mommy time...

Hi Leah, I have a giant list of Portland-area knitting circles taped to my fridge. It was part of an article in the Oct. 2006 issue of Portland family magazine. One of them was specifically for expecting and new moms. It's called nap time knitting at the Dublin Bay Knitting Company, 2-4 p.m. Saturdays 1227 N.W. 11th Ave in Portland. I don't know if they're still doing it - sadly, I've never made it to any of these circles and I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever knit again. It's a pretty big list, but if you let me if there's one or two days or specific knit shops you're interested in, I'll type in all of those ones.

Hmm, I'm tempted to come with one kiddo so that someone can help me knit together my baby sweater. I started it when Cole was in utero. He came and grew, and then I figured I'd have it done in time for my sister's baby. He came and grew. I then figured it would be slated for Shetha's little guy. He came and grew. And here we are, 2 years later. Thank goodness Sarah's pregnant again ;-)


My six year-old and I just learned to knit, using some guidance from the Klutz Knitting Kit she got for Christmas: http://www.klutz.com/catalog/product/2420. We have finished two projects so far.

We are getting lots of advice and techniques from veteran knitters who are kind enough to show us, so knitting with a community sounds like a great way for us to get more comfortable with the activity. My 6 year-old is really looking forward to knitting on Saturday. I'm also bringing my 3 year-old who is excited to just play in our knitty midst.

Leah, Cat, I don't know if Dublin Bay (http://www.dublinbay.net/ ) is still doing their Nap Time Knitting, but the space is definitely a great spot to perch and knit away the day. I went in there on my second day of knitting, and they were so kind to show me how to latch on or whatever to start my new project.

I am looking for a nanny beginning on August 10 to engage two kids before they start school in September. Once they start school the position would be as an after-school nanny (7-10 hours a week). I would prefer someone who speaks Spanish, but not required.

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