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Internet Safety

It feels like one of the hottest news topics are uncovering online predators who victimize youth who are naive in their use of the internet. Web-use is a reality, for all of us, and it will also probably be a reality for our children. Does anyone have any experience with parental controls on the internet? Any guidelines for internet use for the younger ones? Murphy writes:

Hello! I have my little sister living with me, she's 9 yrs old (soon to be 10). Of course she is very interested in using the internet to chat with her friends. I'm ok with emailing, not a big fan of the chats. We wanted to know if anyone loves or hates the different parental software out there. The computer is in the family room and we have the computer password protected so you can't even log in. We know that won't work forever. I would love any help in the world of internet safety software.


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I have found the organization "Common Sense Media" to have really great advice on all media issues for all ages, including the itnernet. They have a guide to the itnernet for caregivers to understand what's available, how kids are using it, and how to successfully help them with its use. Here's the URL: www.commonsensemedia.org.

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