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Inner Eastside Care - 24/7

Here's a unique request of the urbanMamas: recommendations of an in-home provider of 24/7 care.

Does anyone have a 24/7 in-home provider that they love, located in inner NE or inner SE?  We are looking for someone who can accommodate us for one or two Saturdays out of every month.


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Can you provide some more specifics of what you are looking for (age of child, length of care)?

Hello, yes, I have more details. I am needing 8:30am to 6pm care for a 9-year-old boy for one or two Saturdays a month. Usually it is only in-home 24/7 providers that can accommodate this.

Have you tried a nanny service such as CareGivers Placement Agency? They have temporary nannies for just such a thing. www.cgpa.com

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