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Infant/Toddler Sign Workshop

Thanks Leslie for passing on this info. We're sure many other urbanFamilies will be interested:

Due to loads of requests from local parents, LilyToad is teaming up with the Portland Early Learning Program to offer an infant/toddler sign and language development workshop on Sunday, Feb. 4 from 4-6 pm. Space is limited and pre-registration is required. $45 per couple includes 2 hour workshop and a highly acclaimed infant sign book. You can register either at LilyToad or on-line at here.


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We just started a class through Parks & Rec for $21. It runs for four weeks, once a week for 30-45 minutes (I wasn't watching the clock). No book is provided but my friend and I are the only mamas in our class. I know that these classes are all over Ptld but watch out for SW community center. The cost jumps up to $60 there with no explanation as to why but the people on that side of town are willing to pay! What crap. Our instructor seems good and we learned a lot in the first class. Just another option if you don't have $45 to spend.

just to follow up... i guess what sets this workshop apart from other infant sign classes - or just getting a book and going it alone - is that Christine focuses a great deal on the language development aspect. as a linguist and a mama, i can't emphasize enough how insightful this is in anticipating the linguistic thought processes and incorporating sign, which serves as the language output.

we also chose to do a 2 hour workshop as it seemed more convenient for parents than extending it throughout several weeks. you might see on the PELP website that they do have an extended week option.

...BUT, as i found out yesterday, our LilyToad workshop is the same day as the superbowl. blah. ;)

Cheers to that. Support local community centers! I know there is a class offered at Sellwood Community Center, I'm just waiting on my little one to reach the magic age of 6 months so I can check it out!

I haven't taken the workshop being offered at Lily Toad, but I've taken Christina's beginner Signing Smart class, and now I'm taking the intermediate. Her instructors are top notch (I think they have Masters degrees in this stuff?), and FUN.

I almost gave up on signing before I learned some simple steps from them. Now my 22 month old has hundreds spoken words (too many to count) & is speaking in 4 word sentences!

It's not just about "more" "milk" & "all done". It went way beyond that, and made our lives with our baby so much better!

So, there's a difference in price, but likely a difference in quality too.

LilyToad will be offering another infant sign workshop through PELP on Sunday, Nov 25 at 4-5:15 pm.

Like our previous workshop, this will be led by Portland Early Learning Program instructors. This interactive "Get Started" workshop focuses on beginning to integrate sign into communication with your little one.

Sign up early either on the LilyToad website or the PELP site -we have a 10 adult limit! The cost is $23 (book not included this time!) for 1-2 adults and your little one.

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