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Infant Sun Hat in a Pinch!

With weather as dreary as it was today, it's hard to think of sunny days. Lucky for Ally, she has some sun in her near future!

I was wondering if any mamas out there can recommend a place in the Portland metro where we could find a sun hat for our infant son (he is 9mos old) We are leaving for a trip in a couple days and realized we don't have a hat for him! Help!


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We got a cute one by Zutano this summer at Grasshopper on Alberta.

I saw them recently at both Hanna Andersson stores. Enjoy your trip. :)

Polliwog on Belmont, might want to call and see if they still have summer items. I got a nice baby hat there this summer.

We have sun hats and matching swim diapers at Milagros.

The children's exchange on SE Division and (25th?) has a lot of great used stuff and I always see sun hats there. Their # is 230-9621. Enjoy the sun!!

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