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Mamas, I'm in a quandary.  My family plans to move from Portland to Mexico soon, and most expatriate guides I'm reading target retirees.  Does anyone have any favorite books, websites, or experiences to share about moving two young children to Mexico? 


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Expat Exchange has a lot of good info on living overseas: www.expatexchange.com

They have forums for each country and it also seems like people come through with a lot of good info. I skimmed the "Mexico" forum and there was a recent posting about moving to D.F. with children (don't know what city you're headed to, then again, Mexico isn't my country of expertise!) Hope this helps.

If The People's Guide to Mexico has been at all updated recently, it should be your best bet, and is a fun read to boot. What a wonderful opportunity for your family. Enjoy it!!

Just checked and the Peep's Guide is out in an updated edition, plus there's a website. http://www.peoplesguide.com/ The questions on the website are more of the retirement bit, so I would consult the book, which is comprehensive and as I recall had a GREAT section devoted to making the big move at any age. Carl/Lorena/Steve have lived on and off in Mexico for many years and partially raised at least one kid there. Best of luck to you in your new adventure.

Ooh, I am verde with envy! Where in Mexico will you be moving? I lived in Guanajuato off-and-on throughout my grad school years, and traveled through a good portion of the country. That was all before I had kids, but if you're in that vicinity, I may be able to put you in touch with some family-oriented friends. Also, during my travels I relied very heavily on the Lonely Planet, and would recommend it as a starting point even for those of us who are now past itinerant bohemian mode. :)

Gracias to everyone for your great advice. I've been reading the recommended websites every night. Tia, I lived in Gto, too, in 1997! I found it the most beautiful city. We're looking into moving to Oaxaca city, as long as things stay calmer. I lived there for a few months and found it to be unique and full of creative people. Thanks again! Que les vayan bien...

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